Sun | Apr 2, 2023
Stranger Than Fiction

Drinking wine can stave off dementia

Published:Thursday | November 24, 2022 | 1:00 AMBANG Bizarre

A new study has suggested that antioxidants from grapes could slow down memory loss and maintain the mind's sharpness.

Experts at Rush University in Chicago explained that flavonols in wine are well known for their health benefits. They can also be found in tea, green vegetables, fruit, tomatoes, and olive oil.

The study leader, Dr Thomas Holland, said: "It's exciting that our study shows making specific diet choices may lead to a slower rate of cognitive decline.

"Something as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more tea is an easy way for people to take an active role in maintaining their brain health."

The research involved 961 people with an average age of 81 who were quizzed on their food and drink intake and how well they could remember words and numbers.

Those who consumed the most myricetin - an antioxidant common in wine - saw their brain test scores fall by the lowest amount.

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