Fri | Dec 8, 2023
Stranger Than Fiction

Humans could be living on the moon by the end of the decade

Published:Thursday | November 24, 2022 | 9:34 AMBANG Bizarre

Top NASA official Howard Hu has made the prediction following the successful launch of the Artemis 1 rocket from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

The uncrewed mission will pave the way for future human Moon exploration, and Hu is optimistic that it will happen sooner rather than later.

Hu said: "Certainly in this decade we are going to have people living for durations. Depending on how long they are on the surface, they will have habitats, they will have rovers on the ground. We are going to be sending people down to the surface. They are going to be living there on the surface and doing science."

The Artemis mission will last for 25 days and is also an important step towards manned trips to Mars.

Hu said: "It's the first step we're taking to long-term deep-space exploration for not just the United States, but for the world."


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