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PM Nordli lands for packed visit

Published:Friday | June 2, 2023 | 7:39 AM
Governor General Florizel Glasspole (left) shows his appreciation to the Norwegian Prime Minister Hon. Odvar Nordli (right) who called on him at King's House on Thursday, May 25, 1978, where they had discussions for about half an hour. Others from left (partly hidden) are Mrs Glasspole; Mr Esklid Jensen, Under Secretary of State in the Prime Minister's Office; Mr Harald Norwik, the Prime Minister's Personal Secretary; Mrs Knut Frydenlund, wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Mrs Nordli.

The formalities and activities began as soon as Prime Minister of Norway, the Hon Odvar Nordli, his wife, and others stepped off the plane. Though he was just staying for a few days, his itinerary had several official visits and other events.

Published Thursday, May 25, 1978

19-gun Salute Welcomes Norway’s PM

The Prime Minister of Norway, the Hon Odvar Nordli, and his wife landed at the Norman Manley International Airport yesterday to a 19-gun salute that shattered the calm of a serene evening dampened by an early afternoon downpour.

The rain, which had threatened to ruin the welcome, blew away as the 6.45 p.m. scheduled arrival time grew closer. By the time the British Airways Jumbo Jet came to a bale on the tarmac, the clouds had receded, the sun was shining through the grey skies, and only a chilly evening wind reminded the crowd of the earlier rains.

Mr Nordli, his wife, and party had a specially covered ramp to disembark the plane. The ramp had been provided by the airport authorities because of the rain. Prime Minister Michael Manley, his wife, and dozens of journalists gathered at the foot of the ramp, got their view of the visiting prime minister as he stepped sprightly on to the tarmac and walked briskly towards Mr Manley.

Both leaders were wrapped in a tremendous bear hug for nearly two minutes before they separated, and Mr Manley led the way to the saluting dais, where Mr Nordli took the salute as the Jamaica Regiment Band played the Norwegian National Anthem.

After the playing of the anthem, Mr Nordli was taken on an inspection of the Guard of Honor mounted by the soldiers of the Jamaica Defense Force, their bright red tunics glistening in the evening sun.

Mr Nordli was then introduced to members of the welcoming party by Mr Manley and the Chief of Protocol, Mr Louis Boothe.

After shaking hands with the welcoming team, Mr Manley and Mr Nordli went to the official car, which took them as part of a 16-car motorcade to The Pegasus hotel, where Mr Nordli and his party will be staying.

Those arriving in Mr Nordli’s party were: Mr Knur Frydenlund, minister of foreign affairs and his wife; Mr Eskild Jensen, Under Secretary of State the Prime Minister’s Office; Mr Per Ravne, ambassador; Mr Bjorn Frode Ostern, head of division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Mr Harald Norvik, personal secretary to the Prime Minister.

They will be staying in Jamaica until Sunday. This morning, Mr Nordli will meet the Governor General, the Most Hon. Florizel Glasspole at his King's House residence then lay a wreath at National Heroes Park Cenotaph. He will lunch with Prime Minister Mr Manley at Jamaica House; pay a courtesy call on the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Seaga; open an art exhibition at the Bank of Jamaica building, Nethersole Place; and have dinner at the Terra Nova Hotel with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Patterson.



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