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Pulse model search winner

Published:Thursday | October 23, 2014 | 5:43 PMRandy Bowman
Brian McCalla Alwin is now poised to take on the world of modelling.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Alwin getting ready for a recent photoshoot with the Flair Magazine.

At six feet two inches tall, Alwin Danvers had no problem standing out to the judges at the recently concluded Pulse Model Search. The St Catherine-raised Libran is this year?s winner of the coveted title.

Soft-spoken and a little on the shy side, the 23-year-old was not one who dreamt of modelling. ?Growing up, I wanted to be a chef,? he told Flair. A video game addict, most of his formative years were spent indoors, playing his favourite game, Mario Bros.

As he grew older, his interests changed and he found a new love ? reading, which to date he still enjoys. ?I really enjoy a good book, and not the soft copy or online. I like the smell and feel of a book. I work six days a week and there is a beach close to where I live. If I am not at home, you can find me on the beach reading a book,? Danvers shared with Flair. The self-motivated McGrath High old boy who strives to be the best in everything he does, is currently reading The 48 Laws of Power. His favourite author, he bragged, is Dan Brown: ?He (Brown) is just the best thriller writer in the world.?

Despite wearing many hats at his current job as personalised guest server, relief operator, relief concierge and front desk agent at Jewel Paradise Cove, he makes sure he works out every day. ?I only lift weights three days a week, though. On the other four days, I do a lot of push-ups, press-ups, etc.? And when it comes to diet, his regime is just as tight. ?I eat a lot of high-end protein and fibre-rich food, along with vegetables, which I am now beginning to enjoy. I also have a pint of cow?s milk daily, a lot of water and I stay away from red meat.?

He was often approached by friends and even strangers who told him he could be a model. With that, he started to seriously consider the industry, and eventually entered a modelling casting. ?In 2012, I entered a modelling casting, but at the time I could not afford to join the industry. So I decided to wait and I took a break for two years. Last summer, after realising I could now afford to model (the cost of travelling to Kingston) I re-entered and this is the result. I came out victorious.?

At the moment, Danvers? short-term goals include getting his name out there by surrounding himself with the right people. ?I just needed a platform to showcase what I?ve got, and what better place to do it than the Pulse Model Search? The competition has helped in grooming the person I am today. I now have a better understanding of what it will take to reach the apex of my career as a model.?

When asked what advice he has for anyone interested in becoming a model, Danvers confidently said: ?Pursue it with everything that you?ve got because in the end you are the one that is going to benefit from your hard work, and that is what makes success sweeter. The worst thing you can do to yourself is look back and say ?what if?; so, go for it.?