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A day out with Jason and the kids

Published:Friday | July 17, 2015 | 10:37 AM

A single parent who has a demanding job can sometimes be overwhelmed with the guilt of not having enough time to spend with his or her child(ren). My career demands my time six days a week and at least 10 hours each day. Some evenings when I get home, they are all asleep. Occasionally, I would wake them up just to say goodnight or hear if they had something to share with me. The only comfort I have is knowing that I am doing all this to improve their quality of life and to ensure they have all the opportunities I wish I had. With school being out, I decided to do a family activity every week to ensure they have a fabulous summer.


When Jason suggested taking my kids to Wataland, I had no idea where and what that was. He showed me a few pictures online and when I showed them, they were ready immediately to go. I decided to take them that weekend and Jason insisted that he joined us because he hadn't seen them in a few weeks. I was really happy that he wanted to come because I wasn't feeling well that morning and was actually thinking of postponing the trip.

My children are a handful, and when I say handful I mean a handful. They always seem to be bouncing off the wall and chatting up a storm. After 14 years, I have mastered the art of finding my own peace through all the noise. It may not be so easy for a man who has no kids to do, so I was a bit apprehensive on the journey into St Ann. We left the house at eight, and while my eldest was busy on his phone messaging his friends, my youngest decided to ask Jason a million and one questions. He started by asking him where he was from because he talked funny. Jason answered and was quite a trooper throughout his interrogation. Shortly after, they were busy counting how many white and blue cars they saw along the way.

When we got to Wataland, I could sense their excitement. They started talking about which slides and pools they were going to try first. With my eldest being restricted by his wheelchair, I usually get emotional at these times because he isn't able to do some of the things his siblings can. I am not sure if Jason read my mind but at this time, he told my eldest that he was his 'parring pee' for the day and they were going to do it all. I always try to take my kids somewhere that has wheelchair access, but in Jamaica that's not exactly the easiest thing to do. It was a challenge daily because his high school isn't equipped for wheelchairs, but my son is a trooper and usually things that bother me, don't affect him.

great day

We spent the next six hours, and while I spent my time with the younger ones, Jason took my son around the water park and assisted him in doing anything he wanted to try. I could see that my son was having a great time and on our way back to my house, he joined his siblings in the conversation discussing what they had enjoyed doing. I must have fallen asleep because Jason had to wake me when we got to my house. He assisted me unpacking my stuff from the car and spent some time playing with my youngest before he left. When he was leaving, I thanked him for helping with my son and he laughed and said he is a great kid and he had enjoyed his day.

Before they went to bed that night, my youngest asked me if Jason could come with them on their next trip. I told him I would ask Jason when we had decided on where that trip was, but I inquired why he wanted him to come. Being the six-year-old, his answer was very simple: "Because he is cool, Mommy." I couldn't argue with that because I think he is pretty cool, too.