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Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Keep your make-up on-point during the hot summer days with (from left) AJ Crimson’s loose powder, BB cream and cream to powder foundation.
A sample of primers that will help set and get your make-up to stay on throughout the summer days.
A set of AJ Crimson’s powder eyeshadows that are recommended to use in the summer instead of a cream eyeshadow.

The summer can be hot thus creating havoc on your make-up. Ever wondered how to get your make-up to stay on during the summer? Well, no worries; we have the remedy.

You can still be beautiful and fresh, according to make-up specialist and owner of Tonez Beau A Trois, Tonij Phillips, by changing your make-up routines and supplies based on your skin type.

Phillips explained: "Using a primer or mixing your primer with your foundation will set your make-up and get it to stay on throughout the day. For oily or combination skin, a mattifier would be better to use than a primer, as the mattifier reduces the shine and controls oil production. For excessive oily skin, I advise that apart from using a mattifier, you visit a natural-remedy spa for a facial to reduce the amount of oil your skin produces."

Caring the skin before reaching for make-up is important for persons with dry skin, as they are prone to flaking and dry patches. Phillips highlighted that using a compact powder and less than a 'pea grain' amount of moisturiser with the foundation can have your make-up looking fresh.

Have you seen your make-up looking runny or clumpy? Phillips shared that powder and foundation choices are essential in summer. Moreover, purchase products that are designed for the climate. For oily skin, muddy or thick powders can cause the make-up to run, and, even worse, to run on your clothes or anything that comes against the skin. As a result, she recommended loose powders for oily skin.

Don't forget our finishing touches. Lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshadows add spunk to your make-up. To ensure your lipstick stays luscious, the make-up expert advised: "Dab a little body/translucent powder or eyeshadow over your lipstick."

Make-up artist Paul March gave insight into getting your eyes popping throughout the day. Eye primer is the key to getting your shadows to stay put. Create long-lasting vibrant colours by using pencils or waterproof liquid/gel eyeliners. Powder eyeshadows are the preferred choice, as the creme would run when the face starts to sweat. March added: "It's all about maintenance." Pat or add a little powder, to retain that fresh, cool look.