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Freshen your locks

Published:Thursday | July 23, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Take a look at the rear view of this masculine updo.
For a maximum cool feel, having the locks done in several cornrows and tucked away is the best option.
An easy one-row cornrow to the back keeps the hair out of your face and and keeps you cool while being loose enough for your ‘honey’ to play in.
For the men who might not have long locks but want to keep it out of their face and feel cool, a half-braid back is a good option.

LocKs are no longer just a marker for practioners of the Rastafarian religion. It has become a hot trend for men, but this long mane is bringing more than sensual heat in the summer.

Having their hair down during the cooler months may have women flocking, as it can add a little edge to a man's demure swag. It is not too difficult to maintain, and the fact that it is cool and they don't have to worry about regular trips to their barbers is a bonus.

However, as the summer intensifies, the heat drawn by these luxurious dreads can become unbearable for men. To keep it looking fresh, Dr Veronica Reid, owner and manager of Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Spa, recommends that men spritz their locks every few days with water and oil.


frequent washing


She also recommends frequent washing either once a week or every other week. But if you are a man who sweats regularly or profusely, "apple cider vinegar is an excellent product that can be used in locks to keep it smelling fresh. This is diluted in water and sprayed on the scalp and locks every three to five days".

To keep yourself from getting hot, there are also many styles that you can do that will keep you looking handsome and masculine while keeping you cool.


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