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A small 'Price' to pay

Published:Wednesday | July 22, 2015 | 1:40 PM
Price embraces it all.
Stephen Price family photo.

For many busy professionals, attaining the perfect work and family life balance may seem like an oxymoron. But there are persons who manage to make it all happen, and one such is Stephen Price.

The Flow/LIME executive manages to keep it all together, embracing the changes and curve balls life throws at him. His love, his humble beginnings and commitment to family, are just a few of the attributes that keep him focused to manage his hectic lifestyle.

Father of three, loving husband, and the leader for the retail division of the combined companies Flow/LIME, Price will tell you that 24 hours is just not enough time for him to complete all that he would like to do daily.

Price has demonstrated that it is not only possible to create balance - but to excel professionally and personally at the same time.

Humble beginnings

Price was born 'under the clock' at the St Joseph's Hospital to Clinton and Hermin Price, but was raised solely by his mother - whom he confesses is his ultimate role model.

She raised three children on a clerk/typist salary, something Price thinks is a miracle, knowing what women were paid by the banks in the '80s. "We didn't always get what we wanted, but she made sure that we had what we needed. To raise three children to maturity - all completing tertiary education speaks to the strength of my mother, who both mothered and fathered us throughout our lives," Price told Flair.


A devout Catholic, Price has remained faithful to his upbringing, attending Mass each and every Sunday. The proud St George's College alumnus notes, "Attending church weekly was one thing that was non-negotiable in our household - so much so that we spent every weekend at my paternal grandmother's house on South Camp Road so we could attend Mass at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. My brother, Andrew, and I were altar servers, and I even had the privilege of serving at the papal mass at the National Stadium during Pope John Paul's visit to Jamaica in 1993," Price revealed.

This strong spiritual foundation has moulded his commitment to hard work, family and community - traits that are integral in successfully marrying the Flow and LIME retail cultures.

According to Price, "My mantra continues to be that in order to succeed, at anything, we must not only focus our minds, but engage the people around us. So I intend to recognise the potential of my team and empower them to deliver the very best by supporting them and ensuring that their needs are taken care of. As it relates to my personal life - I'm married to a superhero, who happens to be a loving wife, the mother of three, a business strategist and global leader, a senator, politician and influencer that fits everything into her jam-packed days. We are both supportive of each other's dreams ... so together, we just make it happen," he ended.


When asked about his plans for the retail side of the combined companies, Price reveals, "It's about creating a centre of excellence for the business. Retail for telecoms companies has been centred on functionality. We want to move that customer experience to an emotional or experiential level in a true sales environment that caters to the needs of all our customers."

Price is not daunted by this task, as he has had a proven track record in the telecoms landscape. He believes his education, experience, dedication and strong family support are valuable assets that will aid the company in achieving its vision of "connecting communities, transforming lives".

He explained, "We recognise that our retail stores are at the front line, and will be the anchor for the business to create lasting relationships. So, there are plans which will be implemented to ensure our customers receive the same brand of high-quality experience in every one of our stores across the island. This excellent experience will be unparalleled across the region, where we operate."


In the midst of balancing it all, life would have other plans, as recently Price had to undergo major back surgery. "I'm actually fine now. Back surgery is no joke, but I can't wait to start running again in another few weeks when I receive medical clearance. However, I still manage to balance it all and be the superman of the family because I have a strong family unit that provides me with peace of mind. I recommend that any professional who loves their craft, make absolutely sure that there is a clear separation of work and home life. You have to be able to unplug when you get home," he emphasised.

Price reveals to Flair that the transition from a bachelor to a family man is one that could be described as easy. "It was a seamless transition for me. Imani and I met at the right time. We were both at a place in our lives where we knew what we wanted and what we didn't. We both had been searching, and found each other through all of life's ups and downs.

We had Aidan in 2011 before we got married. Marley, our first daughter, was born in 2013, and my newborn, Selah, has made life even more interesting. Three children give a whole new meaning to being involved parents, but as chaotic as it can get, Imani and I wouldn't have done it differently. However, I do guarantee that this is definitely the last one," he laughed.

Fully committed to his life as an executive as well as a family man, Price has maintained his peace of mind amidst all the changes. He confessed that there are no days off to being a father and an executive. "It's a full-time job for both. There's never a off-day as a dad, as my mom has taught me. I do recognise the job as husband and father is the most important one, as when I do retire, that's the one that will continue to give me the greatest satisfaction," he said.

One thing is for sure, through it all, Price still manages to find that sweet spot between getting the job done and finding time for the finer things in life.