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Diary of a supermodel: Francine James Vol II

Published:Friday | July 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Over the past few weeks, Pulse supermodel-in-the making Francine James has been setting Europe on fire, moving from city to city, as she completes major assignments for numerous clients in the world's fashion capitals. She continues to capture the imagination of agents and clients, all of whom are convinced that she is the real deal - the next big thing in the world of international modelling. Flair takes a look in her diary as we follow Francine throughout Europe and bring you her updates.


On To Milan: My last days in Paris


No doubt, Paris is the city of dreams. It is a beautiful city, with art everywhere - on the streets, on almost every building. Paris is a historical work of art. Even without visiting museums or art galleries, one finds creative beauty everywhere.

My booker tells me that I have an assignment in Milan, so I am to fly to Italy in a few days. In the meantime, I am booked for more assignments in Paris, which come after the fashion collections.

These include a Look Book for Faith Connection. As a new face in the market, I found the shoot to be a little demanding as the photographer was very specific in the poses he wanted. The collection targeted a youth demographic, with graffiti-printed fabrics and trendy separates. With the FC shoot out of the way, it was time for Milan.




Milan was much warmer than Paris, so that was a relief for an island girl like me. The cold in Europe takes some getting used to.

Milan was a rush, as I had only one day to get organised and shoot the 1981 Look Book. Also to try some pasta. The Milan shoot, like Paris, was done in a studio. Photos were much simpler for this classic collection, more suited to the mature woman. Lots of suits and beautiful dresses, very different from the Look Book I had just shot in Paris.

My Milan booker Giuseppe is sweet. I never got to meet him in person, given the mad rush in Italy, but he called to make sure that I was comfortable. Mr Cooper says that Pulse is determined to ensure that I become a superstar, so he is always checking on my performance at these jobs. When asked about 1981, Giuseppe later told him that the "client loooovvvveee heeerrrrrrr allooottttt "

I am learning to write down everything I do, as Mr Cooper and Romae insist. Mr Cooper is always saying that modelling is a business and I am my own corporation, so I have to be aware of everything I do.

Who is the client, the photographer, the stylist. Keep a diary. Note the hotel, the airline, the location of the shoot. How much I earn for each job. Is the client paying my expenses, or am I? All of this is important when the time comes to reconcile my agency statement.

I am still not so good at this, so I don't have all the information, more a general collection, but the experiences stay in my mind. However, I am getting better.

On one of my return trips to Kingston, we all sat down together and Pulse went through all my statements for all the markets with my family and me. It was then that I truly began to understand the importance of my diary and general record keeping.




Despite the constant activity, I am still a little homesick. I have never been away from my family for so long before. I am not the partying type, so my evenings are sleep and TV.

Thanks to social media, I am able to keep in touch all the time. Pulse is always calling and sending WhatsApps and so are my family members in Kingston.


Flight to Milan & back to Paris


My flight was a little bumpy going to Milan and returning to Paris. Flight time was just about an hour, so I was booked on a small plane. Nonetheless, I am enjoying these experiences. Coming from a sheltered life in which I had never travelled, all of a sudden modelling has me flying around the globe. New York, Paris, Milan. Soon it will be London, Stockholm, and Amsterdam.

Seems everyone is hearing about me, the new girl from Jamaica, as I am getting agency offers from all over Europe and, for a new face, I am working constantly. I am also holding important new options.

Next time, we will see which of them are confirmed.