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Diary of a supermodel- Francine James Vol IV

Published:Wednesday | August 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Francine James

Over the past few weeks, Pulse supermodel in the making Francine James, has been setting Europe on fire, moving from city to city, as she completes major assignments for numerous clients in the world's fashion capitals. She continues to capture the imagination of agents and clients alike, all of whom are convinced that she is the real deal, the next big thing in the world of international modelling. Flair takes a look in her diary as we follow Francine throughout Europe and bring you updates each week.

Amsterdam, Milan to Paris to Kingston, then to Amsterdam

I flew back to Paris from Milan, just in time for a quick trip home to Kingston to see family, friends and to catch up with Pulse re my immediate future plans.

I hear that Amsterdam and Stockholm are in the works, and I am looking forward to visiting new markets and seeing more European cities. It's great to be home. Didn't realise I missed being in Jamaica so much. Everyone is thrilled to see me and I to see them.




Jobs are being confirmed in several markets - Stockholm, Amsterdam, London (major), and I hear there is big news out of Germany, but that's for another instalment of my diary.




Amsterdam might not be Paris, London, or New York, but of all the cities that I have visited, I love Amsterdam the most. The people are warm and friendly and I am enjoying being here.

My flight took me from Kingston to Amsterdam via Miami, and the plan is to go to London after the job in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a direct booking out of Paris, so there is no agent or booker here, just the client.

Arriving in the city for the first time, everything has to be on point, as the client has to be satisfied and all the details must be seamless. Other than the client, I have no support system to fall back on if anything goes wrong. All arrangements for hotel, ground transportation, shoot times, venues, etc, must be right. Also I am staying in Amsterdam for several days.




The assignment in Amsterdam was for Vlisco, the long-established line of African prints. I was doing the lookbook for both the Twenty-One Looks as well as the 360 degrees (online) collection. The shoot was not easy - posing all day into the night in high heels (not my favourite shoes). Even the style teams switched for each collection, but I had to do both! Fortunately, the shoot was in studio, so being in one place all the time made it a little less difficult.

The client made up for the long day by hosting me in Amsterdam for a week, taking me on boat rides in the beautiful canals and treating me to the warmth of this historic city. Amsterdam is very small but very pretty. I spent a bit of time in the city parks.

Hendrick, who was my host, was great and ensured that all went well. She did an excellent job of representing the Vlisco brand. I would happily return to Amsterdam. Fortunately, as my booker told me, the client was very happy.




Slowly I am becoming a pro at this travelling around the markets and living from a suitcase. I am learning quickly and gaining confidence in what I am required to do. So far, all my bookers seem to be happy. Seems, my clients are as well.

I had put on a little weight around my waist and hips when visiting New York and this sparked a major crisis across the markets, when my new tests came out. I could not believe that everybody knew right away. I was not used to NY food and quickly learnt that I have to watch every morsel that I eat. I took it off quickly, so the panic dissipated. Whew!


Pulse Model Search, Jeneil Williams


While I was in Jamaica I took the opportunity to be in Pulse's new 2015 Million Dollar Model Search TV show. It was a thrill to be working on the same project as Pulse and Jamaican supermodel Jeneil Williams, someone who had done so much in the international market.

I hope to one day have three Vogue covers under my belt and to do the kind of campaigns she has done in her career.

I also got to do a TV feature for the show with Alysia Francis, another new Pulse star on the rise. Alysia had just been featured in Seventeen Magazine, and we both spoke about our experiences. I guess we will catch up in London, where she is headed. It was great to get the very positive response we were getting at home, knowing how tough it is to face the international industry and all its challenges on a daily basis.

Next week, it's off to London and a slew of new assignments.