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MJW: Meet the beauties

Published:Wednesday | August 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Robyn Lloyd - Miss Hype TV
Roschelle Mckinley - Miss Optical Solutions International Ltd.
Jovi Jaja - Miss Windy Air Conditioners.
Jheanell Nesbeth - Miss WatA Land.
Christine Rowe - Miss Evan's Electrical.

On August 15, 20 beautiful, bright and talented Jamaican women will vie for the title of Miss Jamaica World. Until then, The Gleaner's Flair Magazine, official print sponsor of the competition, will get you up close and personal with the contestants as we 'Meet the beauties'.

We asked them:

1) Why did you enter MJW?

2) If you were on the cover of a magazine, what would the headline be?

3) What is your must-have item in your bag?

- Name: Roshelle McKinley

Sponsor: Optical Solutions International Ltd

1) "I have the utmost respect for my country. Our patriots and ambassadors have paved the way of excellence for Jamaica. We as a country have many more accomplishments to acquire. I have a burning desire for this dream to become reality and I believe now is the time to see prosperity blossom in my wonderful island nation. Competing for this prestigious title will give me an opportunity to serve my country and represent my culture internationally."

2) "Roshelle McKinley makes history.

"I aspire to leave a legendary mark on this earth, I believe that God gave me a spirit of greatness and I will not stop until I fulfil my purpose."

3) "Number one is my make-up bag. With a tight schedule, I always have unexpected events to be present at. Travelling with a striking matte red or purple lipstick, mascara and eyeliner are quick essentials I use on the go to accentuate my eyes and lips, the main features of the face that are being watched constantly while communicating. Number two is fragrance. Travelling with a bottle of perfume or body spray is important. I strive for a great first impression, as it's lasting. And number three is almonds. I usually make my meals at home. Sometimes I cannot travel with my meal because of the size of the bag I carry. I bring almonds to chew to keep me from getting hungry so I don't make unhealthy decisions. I try to prepare myself to maintain my diet regardless of where I am."

- Name: Jovi Jaja

Sponsor: Windy Air Conditioners

1) "My family and I are among the many Jamaicans who emigrated from our homeland. However, despite more than 10 years studying abroad, Jamaica still remains the place I feel the most at home, where no more than six months go by without me visiting. I wish to use the education I was privileged enough to receive abroad to enhance my country of birth culturally, politically, and economically. I believe that having studied international relations, I have acquired awareness of issues surrounding global politics - skills that have geared me towards being an extremely prepared candidate to represent Jamaica on an international level."

2) "Jovi Jaja - The face and future of Jamaica.

I would like to represent my country by highlighting modern and unique ways of promoting Jamaica's tourism industry as well as aspects of its economic, political and social norms."

3) "My smartphone, so that I can keep in touch while on the go, and always be ready to capture fleeting moments in my life on my camera, which can often be taken for granted."

- Name: Christine Rowe

Sponsor: Evans Electrical

1) "I decided to enter this year's competition to develop myself into a more rounded individual and to gain as much knowledge as possible from this experience, with the hope of carrying these lessons with me throughout my entire life."

2) "I would most definitely want the headline to read, 'A true beauty with a purpose', which is derived from our motto, 'Beauty with a purpose'."

3) "My must-have item is my favourite liquid make-up, L'Oreal True Match. It is a must that I always have with me because I tend to sometimes oversleep, and when I get up I look tired and drained. My True Match brings my skin back to life and gives me a more pleasant look throughout the day."

- Name: Jheanell Nesbeth

Sponsor: WatA Land

1) "I believe this competition is the perfect platform to empower young women my age and show them that no matter the circumstances, with hard work, determination and dedication they can achieve anything they want."

2) "Eighteen-year-old Jheanell Nesbeth, newly crowned Miss World, speaks on the 'he for she' movement."

3) "My must-have item is an heirloom given to my mother's mother by her husband's mother. It is a small crocheted book marker made by my great grandma. Even though it is so small, it is a priceless piece of art that reminds me of the strong, beautiful soul that was my great grandma."

- Name: Robyn Lloyd

Sponsor: Hype TV

1) "The Miss Jamaica World Competition presents an opportunity to represent my country through beauty, while being exposed to various charity organisations as well as serving in these charities. I entered this competition so I could be a part of that experience; to learn and grow among people who shine in the field of empowering and bettering our women and on a larger scale, our entire Jamaican society."

2) "Robyn Lloyd, professional water polo athlete to Miss World 2015."

3) "Mascara, because one of the first things people look at or notice are my eyes, and first impressions are important, so I need to always be prepared to have my eyes looking their best."