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10 must-haves for naturalistas

Published:Tuesday | August 11, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Migdania Banhan's afro, coloured with a mixture of violet gem and purple rage, was a rave for audience members.
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Growing up, all most of us knew when it came to hair care was shampoo, conditioner, comb, and oil. As technology in all areas of life has improved so has hair-care regimen, especially for black women. From pudding to serum Flair hauled in the 10 must-haves for naturalistas.

1 Moisturising shampoo: We tend to leave our hair out to the elements from time to time with our edgy twist outs and we need to add that moisture to repair the damage of the sun and external element. Therefore, a moisturising shampoo is necessary.

2 Deep and leave-in conditioner: For added protection and moisture, these two are must-haves for every naturalista. You do not have to use a deep conditioner every time you wash, but the leave-in is a plus. A little goes a long way.

3 Curl pudding without petroleum: Avoid the ones with petroleum that might weigh down your hair and leave unwanted build-up. The curling pudding will not change or tamper with your natural hair texture.

4 Light-weight moisturiser: When I first heard of cream moisturisers, I was not convinced that they could adequately provide the moisture or shine that my thick hair needed but after trying it, I was sold. There are some that might not work for your hair texture, but once you find the right one, you will never turn back. It is light and adds a natural sheen to your hair. The best ones are those that are water based. They give you good moisture with less build-up and you do not have to worry about your hair getting clammy or looking dead. Note: You only usually need a small amount. Do not get carried away by the texture and over-saturate your hair.

5 A wide-tooth comb: Unless you are parting your hair, you really should not be using a tail comb in your hair. The curl pattern for women of colour is too tight for you to be using a tail comb. Do not say you are trying to get out the knots. It is better to spritz your hair with water and comb through with a wide-tooth comb.

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