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His pleasure spots

Published:Thursday | August 27, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

It was Drake who once said, "Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination." So, in that heated race towards the finish line, consider for a second, the exotic ride that pulls up to the climatic terminal.

For so many, those initial moments of exploration appear to be one-sided, reflecting solely on the fairer sex. But we have news for you. Most men like foreplay too. Well, no worries 'fellas', we got you covered *wink*.

Here are a few pleasure spots that are sure to have his eyes rolling and toes curling, way before the nice or naughty deed has even started:


1. Nape necking


The nape of the neck is another term for the back of the neck. Stroke the nape with the fingertips and tongue for maximum 'chills'.


2. Ear loving


Whispering sweet words or playfully mischievous thoughts in his ears stimulates him mentally. Accentuate the physical by softly snacking on the ear lobes or other sections of the ear.


3. Sacrum to him


Run those nails along his spin down to his sacrum, (lower back) and gauge his response. Slow and steady, then pace it as things heat up.


4. Lip locking


Kissing can be just as exciting for a man as it is to a woman. As a matter of fact, they also use the kiss shared with a woman to determine their physical and emotional connection. Don't forget to make circles on their outer lips and nibbling, every now and then. Be mindful of biting down too hard, because that can carry the mood from 100 to zero real quick.


5. Purple Touch - nipple edition


Get as creative as possible. Most men have very sensitive nipples, and they can be pulled and twisted to your advantage. So make a game out of it. If the mouth is involved, and they are not as stimulated as one would have hoped, then innovation came into play with the use of ice, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, fruits, and the list can goes on and on and on. Find that comfort zone and please it, for as long as he wants.


6. Tummy trail


Before delighting yourself in his lucky charms, follow the rainbow and become adventurous in an intimate trek down his tummy. Need I say more?


7. Stable Navel


Stabilise or destabilise his desires by zoning in on his belly button (tongue inclusive). Depending on the man, this will either relax him or race his urges.


8. V-Cut Exclusive


For the fit men out there sporting a V-cut, celebrate that unique physical feature. You know how women love slow, soft kisses on their faces, before you reach their lips? It brings out his desires when you apply soft, sweet kisses to his V-Cut.


9. Thigh of a Tiger


Caressing, massaging, and trailing kisses along the inner thigh with those nails, will bring out the animal in him.


10. Rear Grabbing


This is dependent on the man who is in the picture. But nothing wrong with a little butt grabbing every now and then to spice things up.