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Kelly's World: Reggae Boyz, don't do di people dem so again!

Published:Tuesday | September 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM

When I was a child, I took football too seriously. I would throw tantrums over decisions taken by the referee. I would cry if my team lost, and I would punch solid objects (more than likely walls) out of sheer frustration. Thankfully, I've stopped that now (well I still punch walls, but it has nothing to do with football). But even the most docile Jamaican nearly got 'ignorant' last Tuesday night when the Reggae Boyz tried their best to give us heart attacks against Nicaragua.

I wouldn't be surprised if people who are hypertensive had to call their doctors or pop some pills, as the Jamaican team came this close to falling out of the running for World Cup 2018 in Russia. That's what we get for losing 3-2 in the first leg at home, thus needing at least a 2-0 margin to progress in Nicaragua. And by di skin a wi teet, we mek it! Simon Dawkins probably won't have to pay for a beer in any of Jamaica's watering holes any time soon. Bwoy save wi (and Sch‰fer job) with one swing a di right foot. Along with Darren Mattocks' earlier goal, it's just what we needed. Nuff football left to play but, a still Russia wi seh!

But I have a request of the Reggae Boyz. Don't put us through that again, please and thanks. I can still remember the emotional agony Jamaicans went through the time we qualified for France '98. Some people still haven't seen their fingernails grow back, having chewed them down to the bone. The four subsequent World Cup campaigns were all unsuccessful, some feeling like they dissipated before they even really began. But after credible performances in the Copa America, reaching the final of the Gold Cup, and riding on the euphoria of our athletes' success in Beijing, the feeling was the Reggae Boyz would kill Nicaragua. Nicaragua, though, never got the memo. To their credit, they played their hearts out in both legs.


last-minute people


But in hindsight, I should have known Jamaica would do it this way. After all, we are a last-minute people. Now even the footballers are getting into the habit. So take my advice, Jamaicans, especially those who not well physically. If yu heart nuh good, you might want to just get updates of the games rather than watch them in their entirety. The country's medical sector is under enough strain as it is.

By the way, I found it hilarious how they kept falling down and feigning injury when they were winning. But as Jamaica scored their second, all of a sudden dem find foot again! Old-school, dirty tactics at its worst. But who's to say Jamaica wouldn't have done the same if the roles were reversed? Still, credit must go to the Reggae Boyz who consoled the Nicaraguans at the final whistle. Good sportsmanship we say!

So, we move on. But a few columns ago, I said we'd have plenty waggonists for the Reggae Boyz after the Gold Cup. Well the wagon just got heavier. Ah bwoy.

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