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What would you do?

Published:Thursday | September 10, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

They say, for every action, there is a reaction, and the lack thereof may produce even greater reactions. Well, welcome to the Flair's What would you do? Every other week, we will pose scenarios to individuals, couples or married folks to see how they would deal with the situation as it arises. So without further ado, let's tackle the issue of fatigue.


The Sleep Saga


After having a hectic day at work, you finally reach home, only to be greeted by your significant other who is in the mood to steam things up in the bedroom. Do you a) say, "Babe, I'm tired, rain check?" B) Oblige unwillingly just to please them, but hardly participate, making the occasion pointless? Or c) Do you bite the bullet and go in head first (no pun intended) into that well-needed stress reliever? What would you do?

1 Just do it and done. After a while, you will warm up to it and after you will sleep better. Everybody is happy.

- G.T, 39, female, single


2 Sometimes I am so tired that I shrug him off and not even realise my actions until the morning after, I remember and start laughing. But, if I am conscious, why not do it?

- S.N., 25, female, married

3 Because sex helps with stress, and usually after you will get a peaceful sleep, I will have to go with option c.

- K.C, 34, male, married

4 That's simple. The only way to win - go to the shower and return to the bedroom. Give her the best two minutes of her life, while at the same time get the best sleeping pill known to all men - ejaculation. Mission accomplished. Everyone is happy. She might just get the rest in the morning.

- C.R., 28, male, single


5 I would take a nap, set an alarm, get up and get busy.

- M.E., 28, female,

in a relationship


6 It may be a vibe killer to make an approach when I am tired. But I always say, "You know where to find it." Then eventually I will get in the mood too.

- J.T., female, married


7 It all depends on the mood I am in. If I'm all head over heels for her, then I will have no choice but to gladly oblige her request and join in on the festivities. But if I am really tired, well, sleep it is. I love my sleep.

- P.B., 27, male,

in a relationship


8 I would have to go with c). But he does go in head first, and that actually helps to get over the tiredness.

- G.M., 26, female, married


9 I choose c) because sometimes that kind of thing is just what you need at the end of a horrid day. You

also want to encourage your partner's effort.

- S.C., 30, female, married


10 If it is a regular thing, then I might have to say no, once or twice, but if it is a one-off instance that I am in fact tired, then I'd have to say c), because I don't want to make my significant other feel rejected.

- A.M. 27, male, married