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Taking Care Of the Penis

Published:Thursday | September 24, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

Men, we know that your true best friend is not your faithful four-legged pet. But are we really taking good care of it?

When it comes to genital hygiene, men need to ensure they properly clean everything from the shaft to scrotum. To make it easier, nothing is wrong with shaving the hair that grows at the root of the penis. If it is not washed properly, the results can be very irritating and in some cases unbearable.

According to General Practioner Dr Garth Rattray, the pubic hair area should be washed thoroughly to prevent bacteria build-up, bacterial infection or hair abscess.

When washing the scrotum, it is important to clean beneath it. Due to the heat beneath the scrotum, it tends to sweat, so men should take special care to ensure that it is washed properly, especially between the creases of the muscle that allows the scrotum to tighten and sag. Dr Rattray noted that if this is not done, it can result in a bacterial infection and abscess. "A man having to get his scrotum sliced and an abscess drained is not a pretty sight," he emphasised.

When it comes to the actual penis, men should always remember (if not circumcised), to roll the foreskin all the way back and clean it. If he cannot do so, then he needs to go to the doctor and have it checked. When washing the tip of the penis, it is recommended that he use his fingers and soap. "A rag can bruise the head of the penis, especially if he is not circumcised. It is delicate and if it gets bruised, it is more open to infection," he states.

There is also a substance under the head called smegma that the male body needs. However, if a man does not wash the penis properly, it can cause a build-up.