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Who is your hero?

Published:Friday | October 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM

On the day that we celebrate our National Heroes, who fought for a cause of freedom, equality and justice for all, Flair asked readers who they considered to be heroes. Here is what they had to say:

If heroes are supposed to be those who pick you up when you are down, or someone who motivates, then I would definitely say that my daughters are my heroes. They may not be old enough to know it as yet, but through them I gain inspiration and courage to go out each morning to face the world. My older daughter, though she is only three years old, inspires me with her unshakable confidence and her determination. Both of them give me a sense of purpose as I work towards my dreams while also working to ensure that their dreams can be realised. Nylah and Alyssah are my heroes.

- Danielle Savory

My hero has to be my parents. My father embodies everything a good man and father should be. He is caring, intelligent and incredibly diligent. He has overcome many obstacles and still is a strong individual. My mother has taught me compassion and to take chances. She also has incredible strength. She has gone through a lot and has not complained or shown any kind of weakness. My parents have given me everything they could, and continue to give (even when I don't ask). I am the man I am today because of them.

- Adrian Wanliss

My mom, because she inspires me to be better on my own. I saw her doing her best for years. We have been through hell and she always motivates me to soar for the top. And now we are definitely not where we used to be and there is higher to go.

- Sasha Nelson

My mom is my hero because she works relentlessly to make sure that I'm able to get what I need to without the help of my dad over the years. She will stop at nothing unless I finish my degree and there is no one else more selfless than her.

- Jahnel Bissick

One I can think of right now is my mother. It wasn't until recently that I came to appreciate the sacrifice she made for us growing up. She supported my father through joblessness and didn't allow the stresses of our financial situation to affect our family life - everything we needed we had. Her sacrifice is why everyone in the family is where he/she is.

- Kamille Adair Morgan

Well, let me just tell you and you can make of it what you will. First, my mom is my biggest hero and inspiration; especially after becoming a mom myself, I can appreciate the struggle and sacrifices she had to make. She wasn't a millionaire, but she was a true self-made woman. She didn't believe in handouts or the word 'no', or the phrase 'I can't'. She just kept on pushing - even until her last day, she was always a cautious optimist. My other hero is Oprah Winfrey, for almost the same reason. People told her she was a horrible journalist and instead of internalising it, she became something new and different and carved out a niche for herself. She gave people what they didn't know they wanted or needed and made billions doing it, all the while never straying from her true self (as far as I know).

- Steffiani Cole


My mother. She has been an awesome support system. She has taught me to go after what I want in life, to be open minded, to push myself beyond what I think I can do, to be kind and humble, to help those around me so that success is a shared experience, to have faith and to love purely.

- Cara Galbraith

My hero is myself. And it may sound odd, but I'll explain. My whole childhood was full of trauma, I loved my mother dearly but she was an addict, and in the eyes of a child, even dealing with all that I was handed, that love never diminished. I had a lot of things happen to me that kids should never see or go through. As I got older, I started to just live at friends' houses. I would visit my mom every so often, mostly when drugs and her boyfriend weren't around for the moment. A couple months after I turned 16, she passed away, and that was really hard for me. I had a family friend at that point take custody of me so I wouldn't go into the system. I then made the choice to put myself in a boot camp and worked hard to get my GED. After I graduated, I found an older friend to share an apartment with, so I found a job and began paying rent. I fell in love and ended up pregnant at 18. The guy ended up leaving and I was left alone, but I pushed through it and worked harder, keeping my head afloat. I met my husband while I was pregnant and we stayed friends for a while, we

didn't become romantic until she (the baby) was just a couple months old. We started a relationship and a family, and we have been through all kinds of struggles together. With everything that I went through and the possibilities of becoming a statistic, I pushed through and I made a life - a good life - out of nothing, and now I'm raising children who never have to know the things I knew. I also work with kids that have been in my situations and I'm helping them with facing trauma. I didn't have anyone to look up to and teach me anything. Everything I know I have taught myself. Of course, the man upstairs helped me and guided me along the way.

- Meaghan Cole

Rosa Parks is my hero because she knew that enough was enough and started an important movement towards "equality".

- Nerissa Mourillon

This may sound somewhat cliche, but my hero in my mom, Venise Brennan and my grandmother, Gloria Sharpe. These two strong women over the years have given nothing but endless support and love to me and my sister. They have been God-given examples of hard work, resilience, determination and perseverance. I pray that I may inherit half their strength.

- Meisha Richardson