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876 High Fashion Dread

Published:Friday | October 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

"I am passionate about image as how one presents themselves daily says a lot about them and can carry them a far way in life." These are the words of '876 High Fashion Dread' Tadmar P. Moore. A customer care operations manager at Digicel, he uses every opportunity to present his dapper sense of style and Flair will today share his tricks of the trade with you.

The young lad who enjoys travelling, shopping, watching television, serving others, as well as meeting new and interesting people described his sense of style as classic and timeless with a contemporary twist. "I mix and match, I but prefer to keep things classic and timeless, or give it a more contemporary twist by paying attention to little details including cuts, textures, patterns, colours, and accessories. I favour the 'preppy' look most times, but like to be on the edge, depending on the occasion. Blazers, vests, sweaters, V-necks, ties, accessories, and fragrances are all integral to the complete look," said the savvy dresser.

"I'd rather look overdressed that than be under-dressed. Through experience, it has become easier to be 'effortlessly stylish' instead of getting stuck in the 'trying-too-hard' mode. I always tell persons that the colour I wear depicts the mode I am in. I will admit, though, that I will be on the job and while working I am going through my closet, putting together the next day's outfit in my head. It's crazy, but it's my daily mode of preparation for the corporate world," said the man who shares a picture of his outfit on Instagram daily.


high/low fashion mix


One might think the sharp Moore's outfits are expensive and the ordinary man might not be able to do the same. But he is not big on labels. "I am not a label "heaux" but I do believe in high/low fashion mix. I like certain designers and buy their clothing. I don't always look for what's 'in' or what's on the runway at any given moment. I don't buy knock-offs or copy-cat clothing as you'll find in many chain department stores. This is because I respect the fashion. A few of my favourite labels are Express Men, H&M, Zara's, Banana Republic, and Armani, who provides fitted men's suits to my liking and fantastic work/leisure attire. I also like to get ideas and share with a new favourite local designer Brand Marco, who is able to conceptualise my vision and make it a reality."

But the fashionista went on further with his tips. "Fashion mistakes are made by people with deep pockets (rather) than those who shop on a budget. Most men sometimes couldn't care less what they wear or how they look as long as it fits well. One of the things I admire about myself is my ability to motivate and influence not only men but the women around me to always dress for success. If you are going to work, dress like you are about to take over the role of the CEO."

"I recall being in the middle of a carnival mas in Antigua and Barbuda and a random stranger approached me indicating that he follows me on Instagram and admires my taste in style. He further went on to say that he stole one of my looks for a function and he was highlighted for it and I felt proud of myself for that. I had never imagined how I looked mattered and influenced others.

When it comes to what's in a man's closet, Moore suggested: "Begin with a closet inventory, and assess what it is you need. Do not wear a brown belt with black shoes, or vice versa. Men don't get to wear a lot of accessories, so make sure the ones you do wear look good. A white shirt is essential, as well as dark red, any blue, or a medium-to-dark green can dress up khakis/tailored pants or dress down with jeans. Always show confidence when you exit your house and hold your head high as my thinking when I leave my home is 'people will always stare ... make it worth their while!'