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Relax Your Mind for sex

Published:Thursday | October 22, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

The mind is said to be a powerful thing, but when it comes to the bedroom, most men really do forget the important role the mind plays in ensuring they are having a good time.

Sexual intercourse can be something that is beautiful and should not be taken too seriously according to relationship psychologist and sexologist Dr Sidney McGill. It is something that both parties should enter in to have fun and make each other feel satisfied.

However, there are occasions when men get into their own heads and, as a result, have several mishaps in the bedroom. Some men may have self-doubt and anxiety problems in their everyday lives that can be identified on the job or in their day-to-day conversations. And this often rolls over into the bedroom, noted Dr McGill, resulting in challenges.

Issues such as rapid/premature ejaculation, being overwhelmed with the thought of wondering whether or not they really can satisfy their partner, retarded ejaculation - being incapable of having an orgasm - are among the most common ones faced by men in the bedroom. Another outcome men most fear is erectile disorder where they are incapable of having an erection just because they refuse to relax. Sex is about being comfortable and the intimacy between partners and less about the 'abilities'.

This can be fixed with a boost of confidence and the thought of having fun not being clinical.

There are a few men who might lose an erection in the middle of sexual intercourse and this can be as a result of attention deficit disorder, being easily distracted or being overwhelmed by external day-to-day activities.

While these are the hindrances of the mind, the mind is also able to give you great benefits. Just the thought of someone or a past sexual experience is enough to give you an arousal that will help you in the bedroom.