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What Would You Do?: Ex Files

Published:Thursday | October 22, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

For so many, there is this unwritten rule that once you have broken up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, they are off limits to your friends. But there is always an exception to every rule, isn't there?

The Flair asked a few of its male readers: What would you do if your friend began dating your ex without your knowledge and you found out?

Here is what they had to say:

That happened to me already. I just wrote them both an email congratulating them (in a sarcastic manner) before deleting them out of my life.

- C.L

Well, I have actually dated my friend's ex before and it wasn't a problem. There were bad feelings at first, but our friendship's strong so we reconciled. For me, personally, I would be mad, but if she likes him, then I'll give them my blessing because there are many girls out there to have.

- R.A.

I wouldn't do anything but be happy for them because she and I are no longer together.

- A.M.

Well, I wouldn't do anything. It's my ex. I'd just view him differently, thinking that maybe he wanted her from we were together.

- A.P.

He would be cut out of my life. They both would be. I would think he wanted her all along and maybe she wanted him too. Maybe he contributed to the break up and I didn't know.

- M.F.

They both are getting cut off. I will now be wondering if he was 'hitting it' while we were together. They can remain friends even if I am not close to her, but not be in love. If they had a friendship from then, it should be maintained.

- A.S.

Well, I couldn't help but feel betrayed, feeling a certain kind of anger. But then, it also depends on the kind of relationship she and I had as lovers.

- C.B.

I wouldn't do anything. The mere fact that I was interested in her at some point simply means there was some good qualities about her that any man would like and if it happens to be my best friend - so be it. He more than likely has some qualities of me that she saw in him and given that I'm gone, its the next best thing.

- D.M.

I would feel a way still, especially if she is a real girl. If she isn't one for loyalty, however, then I care zero.

- C.R

That has happened to me already. I was upset, but I was told by the rest of the crew that exes aren't off-limits once you and the person call it quits. I just accepted it and moved on. So now I live by that ex rule. I messed up once, but we're still good friends.

- D.E

That's a clear violation of the 'Bro Code'. I would have to call an intervention with other friends, including the traitor, and we would discuss the wrong he has done. But at the end of it all, he would probably get cut off. Clearly, he was not my friend from morning.

- L.H

Well it depends on the situation. If it was a serious girlfriend, it's an unspoken understanding that your friend shouldn't link your ex, especially a good friend.

- M.M.

Nothing. She is no longer my girl or my responsibility. She can date whomever she wants. So can he.

- T.S.