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The Crossroads to Love: the Thorpe’s Story

Published:Thursday | October 29, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
The white among a sea of vibrant pink and orange. From left: The newlyweds were accompanied by maid of honour Cherrly Blake, Felicia Thorpe, Renee Higgins, Shanrene Thorpe-Bather, Tracey-Ann Martin, Rose Marie McKenzie, and Althea Thorpe. In front, on the left in white are ring bearer Odean Bather and mini-bride Camara Campbell, joined by lovely flower girls Kimoya Martin and Aalyia Campbell.
Sometimes things are just that, black and white, with a splash of colour. The Thorpes’ groomsmen: (from left) Richard Barth, Tafari Thorpe, Garrey Bartley, Okeem Ahkeno Pratt, best man Micheal Thorpe, Jermaine Williams, Fitzroy Paddyfoot, and in front ring boy, Odean Bather.
Gloria Thorpe glows in white complemented by an array of beautiful bouquets.
An all-white affair: Mr and Mrs Thorpe seal their love with a kiss.
The beautiful bridal party: (from left) Fitzroy Paddyfoot, Althea Thorpe, Tafari Thorpe, Rose Marie McKenzie, Garrey Bartley, Shanrene Thorpe-Bather, Jermaine Williams, Felicia Thorpe, the groom and his lovely bride, maid of honour Cherrly Blake, best man Micheal Thorpe, Renée Higgins, Okeem Ahkeno Pratt, Tracey-Ann Martin, Richard Barth. In front are: ring boy Odean Bather, mini-bride Camara Campbell, and flower girls Kimoya Martin and Aalyia Campbell.

For so many couples, they usually reach a crossroad in their love life, not knowing where to turn, especially if the love isn't returned the way they would have hoped. Well, meet Gloria and Keith Thorpe, who took a chance and defied circumstances to get their very own happily ever after.

Keith, a customs broker, first laid eyes on Gloria, who is currently in the pastry business, in Crossroads decades ago in 1985, and began their courtship in March of the following year.

The lovebirds were obviously smitten, but Gloria confessed that she had her doubts.

"I wondered if he would ever really be my husband. When I had met him, he was already in a relationship at the time. I thought he was just playing around, especially since he was older than me." Gloria found herself at a crossroad from the very start. But fate had bigger plans for the two.




During the course of their relationship, he came around, and Gloria was impressed, to say the least - he started taking care of her, along with her two children, whom he treated like his very own. Time passed, and pretty soon, they were expecting their very own bundle of joy. Life was sweet. They had settled down and blended their families as their love continued to grow.

And while they were content, something was missing - they had yet to seal the deal and declare their unconditional love for each other before God, in the presence of family and friends. So cupid, in the form of their children, intervened to join the two hearts.

The children had gone to their father and told him that it was time that he married their mother. He said that when he had acquired the necessary funds, he would. On Father's day, Keith asked Gloria what was her ring size. She went and found out, and when she returned with the answer, he told her that they were getting married. Gloria was surprised, and from there, they went on to plan the details on what would be the happiest day of their lives.

The wedding took approximately a year to plan, and on August 15, the two were joined in holy matrimony at the Gregory Park Baptist Church. The bride was a vision in white and her groom decked out in a suave suit in matching colour. Their vibrant bridal party, decked in pink and orange, offered their unwavering support for such a significant day in the lives of the couple.




Thereafter, the newlyweds progressed to Spanish Treasure Hotel in Slygoville for their reception. Surrounded by love, Gloria marvelled at the fact that her wedding was everything she ever wanted.

"It was a big wedding - three hundred guests, and everyone showed up and supported us. Everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves, and that's what it was all about. It was perfect."

They shared their first dance as husband and wife to If You See Me Crying and they were later joined by their guests and celebrated the occasion on the dance floor.