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What Would You Do: Birthday Forget Me Not

Published:Wednesday | November 11, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Those are sentiments echoed by so many. So we posed this question to a few birthday lovers and those indifferent towards the occasion. What would you do if your significant other forgot your birthday? The answers were interesting, to say the least.

Here are what some of our readers had to say on the matter of 'Birthday forget me not':

- I would be super upset and I would be silent and plan something special for myself, without inviting him.

- J. H., female, 29

- If it is my girlfriend and she forgot my birthday. I would feel sad because it's one of those expected things to remember, my special day. Nothing is wrong if she made no plans, but forgetting the day is the issue. I would feel bad and probably would not talk to her for a while.

- M.M., male, 24


- I would talk about it and not jump to conclusions, it could be a result of stress. But I would let it be known that it hurt a bit.

- T.P., female, 30


- If my girlfriend forgets my birthday, I won't get mad. I'll just milk the guilt trip for all it's worth. Men are always bad-mouthed for forgetting anniversaries and birthdays. So when the woman forgets, the man should not let her get off the hook so easily. So I'm going to ask for special food for the next week or so. I'm going to suggest movies I know she doesn't like to watch. I'm going to 'forget' to put my dirty clothes in the hamper, and I'm going to take the next weekend off, just laying around the living room watching sports in my slippers, merino and shorts.

- D.K., male, 34


- I would be very disappointed. His punishment would depend on how much he does to make up for it.

- D.M., female, 35


- If it she forgot it once, that's cool, mistakes are made and people do forget. I would be upset, however, if it was a constant affair, but I wouldn't be rash. I would just probably go out without inviting her. Petty, I know, but it's my birthday.

- A.M., male, 24


- It actually happened to me once. I was so mad! We broke up soon after.

- K.A. female,


- I would do nothing, as long as she genuinely did. I know that it couldn't be the other way around, but I am not fussy so it's neither here nor there for me.

- P.B. male, 27


- Oh! The one time that happened to me, I dumped him. His birthday was a few days after mine, how could he forget? Liar!

- S.C., female, 30


- I would wait the entire day out. If nothing happened, then the next day I would give a list of things I would like in order for the mishap to be rectified, probably a 10-things-to-make-up-with-me kind of thing.

- J.H. male, 27


- Well, I would be both angry and sad at the same time, no doubt. I would probably ignore him for a few days until I was somewhat over my hurt and confront him. I would start thinking that someone or something else has so much of his attention that he forgot my birthday and if doesn't try to do anything at all, I'm gonna question his love for me.

- S.C. female, 25


- For me, right now, I would do nothing, because she does so much more on a normal day, that missing a special day would be seen as a simple human error of old age, slip of the mind or just too busy.

- B.C, male, 28

- That's very upsetting, first of all. I wouldn't break off the relationship over it, though. I would only wait until his birthday comes around and return the same treatment because sometimes they deserve a taste their own medicine. And if it continues that way, I will no longer want him because I would find it disrespectful.

- T.A., female, 28

- I would not make a fuss. I would instead take the initiative and suggest doing something I like or going somewhere I like. If anything, she can make it up to me by getting a physical gift at a later time, but I don't think I would make a big deal out of it. Life is too short.

- M.B., male, 30