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What would you do: Phone Scandal

Published:Wednesday | November 25, 2015 | 5:00 PMKrysta Anderson

Whether we expect it or not, I'm sure for so many, invasion of privacy is not only frowned upon, but is highly restricted within relationships. Now, technology has become so advanced that internationally, there are new apps that are designed to unlock the phone of your significant other and track his or her conversations to see if he or she is in fact cheating on you.*cue: shocked face*

But let's return to the local scene. No one likes a tattletale or a spy, unless, of course, you're starring as the lead in an action movie. So, with that said, we asked a few of our male readers, 'what would you do if you caught your girlfriend or wife snooping through your phone?' Their answers were interesting, to say the least. Here's a sneak peek of their responses:

1 Assuming that I had something crafty in there, I would put a lock on my phone. Perhaps, one of those complicated ones that you have to draw a pattern to.

- C.B.

2 I'd ask her what she was hoping or expecting to find. If she wanted to see a picture of my member, she could just ask.

- B.C.

3 Take it from her and ask her if she found what she was looking for.

- C.R.

4 I would help her look because she is going to need assistance with finding something.

- Z.W.

5 I would let my girl look, but if it was some other girlfriend, I would just take my phone away.

- T.F.

6 I don't keep a password on my phone. It would be left open, so that if she wants to look through, she can. If I caught her, I'd allow her to continue looking, but I'd be wondering if I had given her a reason to be searching in the first place.

- D.H.

7 I would ask that she doesn't do it, and if it continues, I would leave her. If there's no trust, then it makes no sense. I think there are some things that should be kept private, and the cell phone is one of them.

- O.H.

8 Being the lawyer I am, I'd let her snoop (trying to take my phone will make me suspicious). While she's snooping, I'd start kissing her in a passionate way, hoping to distract her, but at the same time thinking of an excuse for all the possible questions she might have.

- C.R.

9 I'd first, ask her why. Then I'd ask her if I gave her a reason to feel the need to search my phone. Given her response, I'd have to make changes. Maybe I've been shady, if it's just insecurity or jealousy, I'd go through it with her and reassure her. I'd feel bad either way though. Sometimes, something might have happened to another woman or on TV, and that can cause some insecurity.

- B.C.

10 Nothing. Unless I have something hiding. If we had talked about not going through each other's phones, then it would be up to her to accept whatever she sees.

- A.S.

11 The relationship would be done instantly. And I would look to see if she was going to attack me.

- R.S.

12 I'd tell her anything she is looking for, she will surely find.

- C.C.

13 I wouldn't have anything in my phone that I would have to hide or that I would have a problem with her going through.

- R.G.

14 Well, that's why I now have a lock code. I had left it open, but while I didn't catch her in the act, she could tell me every thing that is in it. So because I don't cuss or argue, I just lock it and change the code occasionally. And I still don't leave certain things in my phone. I sweep my step as often as


- P.B.

15 Any girl I have ever dated knows how I feel about those things. I make that clear from dating starts: do not do it. I do not appreciate it. I don't do that to your phone, do not do it to mine. I would be very displeased if I saw her doing that, and we would have a small argument about it.

- K.M.