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Bridesmaid From Hell - Nightmare of colour

Published:Wednesday | December 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is the time of the year when family gatherings are prevalent, as well as one of the seasons in which lovebirds tend to tie the knot.

While getting married should be a blissful experience, sometimes it takes you back to prehistoric days when the brides turn into fire-breathing beasts to ensure their day is a replica of what they have been picturing since age 12.

I am not telling anyone to give up their childhood fantasy, but having been in a few weddings, I feel like the lead actress in 27 Dresses, wearing some of the ugliest ensembles or having to deal with some unrealistic requests.

This week, Bridesmaid From Hell will tackle the idea of the colour scheme. I understand that you might want to use your favourite colour and if it is a colour like fuchsia, you might not want your groomsmen in pink. This does not mean you have to use your husband's favourite colour, because if the colours do not complement each other, it can be disastrous. Wearing a neon pink gown with lime green and bedazzles was not my proudest moment.

I understand that this is your day, but we are not your laughing stock and making us look like a colourful popsicle is a complete 'no no'. Saying that I felt like a popsicle is an understatement, but I can truly say if the electricity went, the bridesmaids could have kept the party going with our luminous dresses.

We love you, which is why we are a part of your bridal party; we are not trying to steal your thunder. So, please do not have us purchase a dress that we are going to have to burn immediately after the wedding.


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