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Bacchanal make-up

Published:Thursday | March 10, 2016 | 7:25 AM
The Wild costume is very dramatic with feathers and a huge headpiece, so subtle rhinestones with a hint of colour and a darker lip blends in effortlessly.
The body gems accentuate the orange of Hollywood by playing on the hints of other colours in the costume.Bacchanal Photoshoot 2016
With the Dreams costume, bold greens and blue make-up adds a nice contrast, and enhances the costume.

There's an old carnival song from Fab 5 called "Don't Wear None."

Suggestive lyrics aside, the band was playfully advising women against wearing make-up while 'playing mas'. But no self-respecting reveller will be caught on carnival day without her face as glamorous as her costume.

Make-up artist Tonisha Kong, says that for carnival, you have to use full coverage, long lasting products. So for the Flair Bacchanal costume and make-up photo shoot, she utilised a Sasha cream to powder the foundation. When topped with loose powder, it gives a very matte finish.

The looks for the shoot were based on each model's face and the costume she was wearing. The tiaras were simple, so Kong was able to be more dramatic with rhinestones to create the image of a facial piece to complete the costume.

Spirit gum was used to secure the rhinestones as it lasts longer than regular glues, thus keeping the rhinestones in place all day. Another easy way to add drama is by adding a colour to the lips. Liquid matte lipsticks are perfect as they don't run or fade easily and they come in a variety of colours to go with any costume.

Here are some looks showing how you can get glammed up all day for Road march come Sunday, April 3.