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Club Shekinah: Christian clubbing

Published:Monday | June 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMSuzzanne Cousins

Ever heard of a Christian Club? Well, if you are looking for a Christian party experience this summer, Reclaim Entertainment has launched its Christian party series, Club Shekinah.

A newly established Christian Entertainment Company, its CEO Roger Adams tells Flair, "This Christian party series seeks to expose young adult Christians to the amazing range of gospel music that exists in an environment which allows for clean, wholesome and, most important, enjoyable entertainment without compromising godly standards."

He explained that the music being played is all gospel, but with the influences of other genres. For example, reggae gospel, rap gospel, pop gospel, soca gospel and worship music, just to name a few, are played to provide an electrifying atmosphere for dancing, fellowship and fun.

Other attractions to be enjoyed include surprise performances and an Ultra Stocked Virgin Bar - featuring frozen cocktails and mixed drinks.

Chief technical officer for Reclaim Entertainment, Brian Lawrence, tells Flair that starting the series was no walk in the park.

"As you can imagine, initially people expressed scepticism about the endeavour before the launch event on June 4, because you don't usually couple Christians with any sort of party. However, after the experience, many realised that they could enjoy wholesome entertainment that has the same high energy and impact as anything secular without compromising their morals."

Lawrence revealed that more than 200 persons attended the event. "It was a pretty good turnout for our launch, considering the number of other Christian events that were happening on the same night and at the same time."




He notes that the feedback they have received has been very positive."They enjoyed the beverages like the Holy Mojito and Shekinah Colada, the signage, ambient lighting, and the sound and quality and selection of music," relayed Lawrence.

One patron, Kathryn Lawrence, told Flair, "It was fun! Really clean fun. I've never been to an event like that before and it was an interesting experience because it felt like a club, but at the same time I didn't need alcohol to have fun or dance with my friends. I really enjoyed it!"

He continued, "Most of the persons who gave us feedback told us that they loved the worship segment of the night that came at the end of the event. That is truly what we were hoping to accomplish for the night: not just a hype experience, but a place where young

people can truly experience the Shekinah glory of God in a comfortable space."

Lawrence says that they expect that there will be persons who oppose an endeavour of this nature, and so they encourage them to continue to express their concerns, but to also "remain open to the fact that God can move and work in any medium He sees fit".

The next Club Shekinah is set to take place on Saturday, July 2, 2016 at the New Kingston Conference Centre (upstairs the New Kingston Shopping Centre). Contact reclaim