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Hideaway at MOMSROC

Published:Thursday | August 4, 2016 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
Reading one of the readily available magazines, Tamara Burke enjoys the theraputic effects of the massaging chair.
After a relaxing hour, Tamara Burke leaves her feedback.
Donna Anderson fills out the registration form ahead of being nestled away for a quick snooze.
Donna Anderson is fast asleep in Nature's Paradise.
Conceptualiser of MOMSROC, Tricia-Ann Evans.
Chilling in the open area Tamara Burke checks in on a few of her favourite social media pages.

There are 24 hours in a day and every mom, especially new ones, would really appreciate an extra hour or two to snooze.

The importance of proper rest cannot be overemphasised, and mothers, while undertaking various roles, are sometimes unable to maximise on their times of rest. But what if you could?

Mother of two, Tricia-Ann Evans, knows all too well what it means to get just an hour or two during the day to get away. As such, she embarked on a mission to create Moms Resource Oasis Centre Limited (MomsROC), with its core service centred on rest and the benefits of it to solve the dilemma faced by mothers.

Today, Evans' dream is a reality. The newly incorporated mom's exclusive, luxury oasis located at Unit 5, 14 Lady Musgrave Road, encourages mothers to seize the opportunity to take a refreshing break in the form of sleep or simple relaxation between their opening hours of 9:15 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.

"We facilitate 'momscapades'," she told Flair. "That is a mom's break that can be taken at a convenient time during the workday. For example, during lunch or after work. Additionally, there will be products and other services available - individually customised mom solution, membership benefits, a mom's support group, counselling sessions, bonding events for mothers and child - all aimed at assisting mothers to effectively create that important balance between work and family," explained Evans excitedly.

When Flair visited the serene facility, the ambience was calm and relaxing, truly conducive to rest and rejuvenation. The first of five spaces was open and comfy with magazines and online browsing facilitated by free Wi-Fi.

The first room is called Sunset Massage Therapy, and as the name suggests, is themed to resemble an evening out to embrace the next phase of the day - dusk. Equipped with a massaging chair and aromatic scents, it only took a few seconds for me to fall asleep. Out like a light, my colleague had to rouse me to remind me of the task at hand.

The Beach Lounger was next, and despite the bright orange chair, it was just as relaxing. The soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore was perfect for that book I was meaning to read for some time. Despite the absence of sun, sea and sand, the energy was just right for a quick snooze.

The final space is dubbed Nature's Paradise. This houses the most comfortable chair ever. Once again, the wall art did the trick and transported me to a place of serenity.

The counselling room, though not complete, will offer private sessions for mothers as the need arises. "Our service will also support mom team member's performance and productivity in the workplace as they learn various strategies and techniques from parenting professionals," shared Evans.

With an aim to positively impact areas of interest and concerns for mothers, and with a desire to provide support to the institution of family life in Jamaica, take a break and a well-needed snooze at MOMSROC.


Tel: 876-462-4750