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Aura by annaixe

Published:Friday | September 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMNashauna Lalah
Aura by Annaixe creations are for the woman who has an edge.
Come next carnival season express your individuality in a custom-made Aura by Annaixe costume.
Aura by Annaixe is a custom-made carnival brand aimed at accentuating your beauty and individuality.
Strappy gold choker.
Jewellery and costume designer and student Anna - Lisa Guthrie.
Sophisticated and elegant - a modern take on a timeless piece.

If you described her as a jewellery maker, costume designer, photographer or fashion blogger, you would be right.

Anna - Lisa Guthrie is all of these things, even while completing her degree in fashion design at the University of Technology. The final-year student is getting her products out into the market under the brand Aura by Annaixe.

"I would just describe Aura by Annaixe as a luxury design brand that speaks to the sophistication and edge in women," she told Flair, who first learnt about her through her statement chokers.

How did she come up with the name? "I was looking for something short and catchy but could still be identified as my brand. It was a long process to find something simple enough but eventually I derived at calling it Aura and to add ownership, 'by Annaixe' .

Guthrie'a foray into carnival costume began in 2015. " I got started when my friends needed custom costumes for UWI Carnival 2015. I got great feedback from the costumes and then I really got into it when my boss at the time suggested I design a personal costume for myself for Bacchanal 2015."

Never one to be complacent, she took things further. "I started designing jewellery to keep the brand going when carnival season wasn't going on."

All her work is done by her completely from scratch and her designs are far from ordinary. "The woman who wears my designs is definitely a woman who has a little edge, a fire in her. I love to empower women and I love when a woman feels like a goddess, an untouchable force - a woman who can step out of her house and feel nothing but pure confidence."

Before jewellery and costume design, photography was her first love. "I believe it still is, it's my passion, and I'm the one who actually photographed the images on my website. Most people know me as a photographer because I've been doing it since high school."

And it doesn't stop there for this entrepreneur who also models and does fashion blogging as a hobby. " I really enjoy fashion blogging as a hobby and to add a little more interest or flavour to my website, I like to appeal to as much audiences as I can," she said. View her work at