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Indigo Child Shannon Anderson: Healing through fashion

Published:Friday | March 10, 2017 | 11:30 AMTickoya Joseph
Anderson has learnt to deal with persons looking at her spots. She doesnt try to cover or treat them.
Indigo Tribe serves a very large clientele.
Only the best is good enough for her clients.
Anderson is very passionate about helping prsons however she can.

The excitement and thrill in the voice of Shannon Anderson hits you like that single ray of sunlight that peeks through the curtain at the break of dawn. Meeting her is like opening the window and allowing the warmth of the sunlight to arrest your body. Yes, that is her because she is a hugger. Anderson is a vibrant and charming individual who is passionate about making people happy and confident in themselves. This is quite ironic, as her warmth comes after surviving many storms and rough seas.

"I have vitiligo, which started to manifest itself in 2002,"Anderson told Flair. It began with a dot on the elbow and then one over her eyes. She thought that it was liver spots, and after a few months decided to seek treatment as it would not heal. She explained that vitiligo is an autoimmune condition in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. This happens because the cells that make pigment (colour) in the skin are destroyed. These cells are called melanocytes, or most commonly known as melanin.

The exact causes of vitiligo are unknown. However, in some cases, the severity and spread of the disease have been attributed to sunburn and emotional distress, the latter in the case of Anderson. Over the years, she has grown to live with the stares and reactions she gets from persons who do not know or understand the condition. "Some are fascinated by it, children especially, who always want to touch the spots. Adults, however, sometimes appear to be afraid as they assume it is contagious," she shared. With a surprisingly strong voice, she told stories of persons not wanting to touch her and so they would hold items at the extreme opposite end o hand them to her. To end their pain and discomfort she would sometimes ask them to put the item down and she would take it up.

Along with the autoimmune disease, Anderson has lived through years of abuse. With the purest of hearts, to this day she still tries to help those who have wronged her, even putting herself in danger at times.


Anderson embraces and uses the name Indigo Tribe. She recalls the story of going about her business when a woman called her an Indigo Child. She admitted that she thought the lady had mental issues but researched it when she got home later that day. She then found out that Indigo children were children who possessed special abilities. She explained, "It's almost like God shows a little more favour to them in compensation for the challenges that have had to endure."

As a result, Indigo Tribe is now the name of her business. "My Personal Shopping Brand 'Indigo Tribe' provides a personal shopping experience for my clients who may not have the time, expertise or confidence to put together an ensemble for social events, work or everyday wear." Giving people that boost of confidence and making them trendy gives her true satisfaction.

"It is extremely fulfilling. I love to see the look on my clients' faces at the end of a consultation or after choosing for themselves from the 'tribe catalogue' and they are always completely satisfied. I love my clients, and those who weren't friends from before are now proud members of the tribe and friends of Shannon."

A very animated Anderson shared that her passion for fashion came from her mother. Growing up, she has always admired her mother's great sense of style. Not falling to far from the tree, she describes herself as being very fashionable and her friends and coworkers would often ask where she got her clothes, shoes, bags, and even accessories. It was then she decided to become a Personal shopper and merge her two loves of fashion and helping people.

Having gone through a lifetime of stress, with the physical spots to show, Anderson is still a ray of sunshine. She is the ultimate people person who tries to have a positive influence on all the people she comes into contact with. As a result, she seeks to mentor persons who have gone through similar struggles with the sole aim of letting these persons know they are victims of their circumstances, and not the cause.