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The Healing Powers of Alka Vida Alkaline Water

Published:Friday | March 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMBarbara Ellington
Denise Saunders, marketing manager of Alka Vida Water, posing at The Gleaner.

With the increased interest in health and wellness globally, many Jamaicans have also begun to tap into the benefits to be derived from leading a healthy lifestyle. It is an established fact that drinking lots of water daily contributes to excellent health, and drinking alkaline water is moving rapidly to the top of that list.

One local company, Health Creations Industries, is leading the charge to ensure that its brand, Alka Vida Alkaline Water, reaches consumers islandwide as fast as possible. Health Creation Industries bottles/distributes the water from their factory in White Marl, St Catherine.

Denise Saunders, marketing and sales manager for the company, said that demand for Alka Vida Alkaline Water is high and growing in the supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and restaurants, where it is currently available.

"Our main challenge now is that we are targeting customers who tend to look at the price of a product over the health factor. To counter that, we market aggressively through product promotion at supermarkets, gas stations, expos, fairs, seminars, and other events where our target customers can be found," Saunders said.




She added that in spite of the challenges in the economy, customers are buying the water, and their feedback is positive and encouraging.

Saunders noted that siblings Howard and Stephen Lynch, who own Health Creation Industries, lead by example as they are very health-conscious individuals who are passionate about wellness and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The ultimate aim of the Lynch brothers and their team is to make the Alka Vida Alkaline Water brand available islandwide. They are working to overcome logistical issues in getting the product to the remaining parishes of Hanover, Portland, and St Thomas

"In five years, we are hoping to be exporting while continuing to grow the local market, especially to hotels, gyms and spas," Saunders said.

Alka Vida Alkaline water is also available for personal branding at weddings, parties, anniversaries and for souvenir purposes. Future plans also includes targeting schools so that children will get an early exposure to healthy lifestyle habits.

Saunders is quick to point out that though not a miracle water, Alkaline Water is used by holistic centres for cancer as well as in some recovery/rehabilitation centres. She is careful to stress that unlike other products that have been touted as cure-alls for whatever ails, Alkaline Water should be used in a holistic way, combined with a healthy diet, plenty of activity and rest and a spiritual component. This is the better way to improve health and peace of mind! Also, the high pH level of Alka Vida at 9+ gives the best advantage to achieve the benefits expected!


Alka Vida Alkaline Water facts


- High levels of acid in the body might be the hidden cause behind many health problems resulting from our lifestyle.

- An acidic system makes our bodies more disease prone.

- Excess acidity causes the body to stockpile acids in fatty deposits when processed through our kidneys.

- Alka Vida Alkaline Water helps in the promotion of alkalinity in the body and to restore the PH balance critical for optimal health.

- It also detoxifies, hydrates quickly, aids in digestive disorders and promotes healing.