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Me Love My Fatty

Published:Friday | April 7, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Every man love curvy woman. It depends on the type of curvy. You have natural and artificial curvy. Me love the natural curvy women. I prefer the women that are natural and is a black empress. - Kharl Pringle
Me love the fat women that carry themselves nice. Most of the fatty dem nice, genuine and kind. Me nuh like magga girl, a big bumper time. Fat girl dem a take over. Nothing not wrong with fatty from them look good. - Tevin Johnson
I love girls that have shape, thick and sexy. If you're fat, your fat have to be tight. You must look good in everything, pants and dress and can 'scale' a fence with me. Fatty have more cushion and can slap up in the bedroom. Me love thickas!- Prince Rowe
I think curvy women are comfortable. We need to embrace more curvy women because coming out of an era where fat women have low self-esteem, we want to encourage them that size don't matter. You have slim women that don't have the heart of a fluffy and vice versa. It is about taste but the fluffy woman dem comfortable- Scantana Lawrence
From a fatty clean and pretty, me love har. Fatty to the world! Me always love my fatty!- Shemar Griffiths
I grew up with a fat mother so I use to help her put on her tight jeans. I get to appreciate fat women and now, fat woman not even look like how they use to look. Some sexy thing a gwan now. I would love and marry a fat woman. They are just as good as slim woman, even better in the bedroom. They will 'back it up'. The size doesn't matter, it's the creativity of the mind. - Jermaine Stewart
Slimas a my thing but fat woman need loving to. I can deal with them depending on how them insides stay like their legs. Fluffy is good. -Lorenzo Britton

Fatty, champion, thickas, fluffy, whatever name tickles your fancy, there is no doubt in the fact that Jamaican men are just loving the plus size women that have the curves and fat in all the right places.

While some might still pull for the ‘slimas’, men like Style X just love the ‘fatties’ who have a bit of flesh and can do all the tricks and splits in the bedroom.

Funnily, even the slim men are in love with the fatties as according to the grapevine, ‘slim nuh in again’ and ‘a big bumper time now’. To find out just how Jamaican men love their fatties, Flair took to the streets to talk to a few. You might be surprised by just how much they love their fatties!