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DIY Jo | Nourishing the low porosity hair

Published:Thursday | April 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
The finished product – whipped mango butter with glycerine.
Product rubbed in Lawrence’s hands before application.
Jody-Anne rubbing the mixture through Davina's hair.
Davina after her hair has been moisturised by Jody-Anne.

As a 'naturalista', I thought I had a strong knowledge and reasonable expectations of a woman of colour's hair, but I learnt a new thing from my very own sister, who recently did the big chop.

There are no concrete rules as it pertains to natural hair except to care it. Different things work for different individuals, and that is even so when you are winging it and making these products yourself. I have shared my daily moisturiser recipe, and for me it still works.

However, if your hair is low porosity you might need to try something different with less oils. Honestly, I did not know what hair porosity was until my sister said that she felt that she had low porosity hair. Low porosity hair means that your hair does not absorb moisture. Products tend to just sit on the hair like they are having a party, making stripping it your only salvation. Thus, you need something light and absorbent. High porosity means your hair sucks up everything like a sponge and the medium is a mixture of both.

After my sister complained about her hair, I picked up the mango butter, which is great for moisturising the hair. Its consistency to Shea butter is smoother. I then grabbed glycerine because of its consistency and its moisturising properties. Little did I know that it is a humectant ,which means it helps to hold in moisture, thus making it a recommended conditioner for low porosity hair. I rubbed the two together and applied to her hair and it instantly became softer. She applied it the following day and was pleased with results, and has been using it ever since.

I then had the light-bulb moment to assist her. Whipping the mango butter and glycerin eto make a moisturiser.


2 tbsp mango butter

1 1/2 tbsp glycerine


Whip until smooth.

Try it.