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Springy Klips and Bows

Published:Friday | April 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Tis the season to live on the lighter side of life and add a little colour into your world. And Shanile Salmon knows just how to do that.

The designer explained to Flair that she was always a lover of art, but during her time at home, her husband introduced her to Pinterest and she was hooked on fashion! "I started doing some research and that was it. This journey officially began in August of 2015.

"First I placed bows on hats that I made, fascinators to be exact, then I branched out into incorporating flowers into just about everything, from clips to dresses. Women love to feel pretty and bows, hats and dresses help in that regard, while babies are so adorable in the clips," Salmon shared.




Now that she has a nine-to-five, she has the time to balance her job with entrepreneurial pursuit. It's not easy, she highlighted, but she makes the best of both worlds. "Everything now is done to order and business is good. People are going crazy over the products and I'm getting better at it each and every day, so I'm grateful."

So what exactly inspires her to unique designs? Nature plays a major role in influencing her art, as well as the creation itself. Once she's burning those petals, she lets nature take its course, which then leads her to set her bows in the right position. "I love colours, too, so I make it a point of duty to incorporate that into my line," she added. With hopes of using bows to mend sandals and make them brand new again, customers can easily expect to receive quality products from her and, in the process, be a part of her journey as she nurtures Klips and Bows to its full potential. "I want to promote myself some more. Once God gives you a talent, you can't afford to waste it. So I plan to spread my wings and step out in faith, knowing that God has my back and will carry me through," she revealed.

If you want beautiful bows and clips for yourself, ladies, and for your children, too, then Klips and Bows is definitely the place for you.

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