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It's Teacher Crush Monday

Published:Thursday | April 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Classroom touch.

Teachers are the very backbone of knowledge and understanding. And sometimes, for students, their emulation and admiration of these mentors can make a natural progression to desired affection.

Since Teachers' Day is almost here, Flair has declared today Teacher Crush Monday #TCM. We challenged a few readers to take a stroll down memory lane and asked which teacher played a role in their world of fantasy and what was so fascinating about that particular teacher that made them crushworthy. Here are their responses.


I liked my first-form Spanish teacher. In fact, even after he was no longer my teacher, I still was crushing on him. He was feisty. Come to think of it, he had that sexy Bruno Mars swag and every time he spoke Spanish, I didn't even have to understand it to be completely captivated by him. If I was a few years older and he wasn't married, I definitely would slip him my number and have him speaking in many languages. *Wink wink*

- J.L., female.


Miss Hughes. That woman graced my dreams for months; me being an aroused teenage boy and all. She was one of the most voluptuous and sweetest (personality-wise) women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She distracted me in the classroom for ages. I just couldn't focus during IT class.

- D.S., male.


My high-school social studies teacher. She was young, good-looking, had a nice bottom and always wore a short skirt.

- T.E., male.


Definitely my Psych A level teacher, Leo. The first teacher to deejay a dancehall tune in class as part of the lesson. His teaching style was light years away from what I saw at my alma mater, Holy Childhood High. And I did love the slackness.

- S.L., female.


My art teacher, Ms Chutcon, was my fantasy crush. A pair of the bests boobs ever - very firm and full, and she had a great derriere. She had a very strict, somewhat saucy persona. I loved her.

- M.D., male.


I had a huge crush on my ninth grade form teacher. He was one of the physical education teachers at the school and had a sexy butt. I was going through my discovery of romantic books and was in flirting mode.

- S.C., female.


I had a crush on Ms Lodge. She taught biology and she was very very attractive - smart too. She was the one who told us boys, at the time, that hard loving is not healthy for females. I will never forget that.

- R.N., male.


Mr Campbell was my crush in high school. He never taught me, but he was my best friend's form teacher so I would make regular visits to her class. He was young, sexy, smart, easy to reason with, understanding and a total sweetheart. I'm pretty sure he knew I liked him too, but he kept things as professional as possible, winking at all the clever jokes I made. We met up post-school, and I revealed that I did in fact have a crush on him. It was then that he said he liked me too but he could do nothing about it because I was too young. Nothing happened, but it was nice to know that the crush was mutual.

- K.A., female


My teacher crush was Ms Alveranga. I thought she was cute and so easy to talk to, especially about topics that other teachers shied away from. I just thought she was really cool. And she never looked bad in tight skirts and heels.

- D.K., male.