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Mommy dos and don'ts - fooled by the 'experts'

Published:Wednesday | May 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence


As an expectant mother one is given a number of dos and don'ts, a lot of healthy tips and also a lot of myths and a lot of things to expect that just did not happen. This week, Flair asked a few mothers what was the one thing they were told would happen that was a complete farce. Here are their responses.

- I was told take naps in the day when he does. To be honest, you just have too many things to do and this is just completely impossible.

Rochelle Hayles


- I was told that my diet would change and all the things that I ate during pregnancy would turn to things I hate. My diet did not change one bit. I was also told that the baby fat would be stubborn and not go away, but hell yes, it did for me, and fast too.

Sheckena Daley


- Numerous times I was told that I would get 'baby cold' if I washed my hair before six weeks. Nothing like that.

Iceta Wright


- I was told that my life is going to be over. No more partying. But I was out with her up to Saturday, so I guess not.

Khalilah Mills


- They said if you felt for something to eat and you never got it at the time the baby would get it as a birthmark. No such thing happened.

Tana-Kay Anderson


- They said I should not pierce her ears before she turns six months. If you are seeing your period not to hold her. It is bad luck to celebrate the first birthday with a party.

Andrea Rodriques


- I was constantly told that breastfeeding was going to be the moment when I bond with my child and would be the most amazing experience. I didn't produce that much milk and it really hurt, made me feel like I was failing at parenting. I was not.

Jheanelle Malcolm


- They said that during pregnancy the hair grows and you achieve thickness. Yes, that happens, but after childbirth the hair drops out in clumps. Also, to rub your belly with olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks; utter rubbish, your skin either has elasticity or not.

Tamia Carey


- I was told that duppy would follow the child if I didn't put a red item on him or her before he or she was christened.

Randy Bowman