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Childproofing your home 101

Published:Friday | May 12, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

We all know children do the darndest things, and that includes getting themselves into lots of trouble. So, let's see how we can eliminate any health hazards among our young ones by implementing a few of the childproof efforts within the household, shall we?

Seek shelter for any form of chemicals - you know the saying out of sight, out of mind? It definitely applies here. Store any form of chemicals in cabinets higher than average, beyond the reach and out of harm's way to prevent your child from possibly consuming the poisonous substance.

If he or she has begun walking, they are coming into their own while tapping into their inner explorer, then fragile items, such as glass, should be stored away from the toddler for the time being.

Soften sharp, protruding edges of furniture by using foam and duct tape.




Children always stick their fingers or hands where they don't belong, so electrical outlets, like plugs, should be covered. Better to be safe than to be sorry.

As far as the location for all things culinary goes, these bundles of joy cannot stand any heat or possible burns, so they should just stay out of the kitchen.

Medicine is good for children only when it is required. Leaving them in plain sight for your children to see might lead to a possible overdose, if they consume these medications on their own. Purchase liquid elixirs that have childproof caps that only you, the parent, can open.

Household appliances such as toasters and blenders should always be plugged out when not in use and stored safely in a place away from your little ones.

They say curiosity killed the cat. Let's not allow this happen to your children as far as the toilet is concerned. Invest in a lid lock that only adults can manoeuvre. That way, you can prevent any risk of accident.

Fencing is not just a sport, it is actually an effective way of keeping tabs on where your angel is at all times while at home. Use safety gates, if you can, at doorways that could lead you to stairs, to prevent the probability of a fall.