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Kids Party Hub - Delivering smiles in a package

Published:Friday | May 12, 2017 | 12:00 AMTickoya Joseph
Keisha Hamilton and Tashiel Williamson are excited to talk about their business.

Kids parties are swiftly shifting from bringing a cake and a few party hats to school or calling a few friends over with a dozen balloons to themed fantasies with life-sized characters and three-tier cakes fit for museums. From as early as age one, parents are bringing out the kitty to ensure that their treasures have a memorable 'cake-day'.

Tashiel Williamson and Keisha Hamilton noticed this trend and in 2015 decided that they were going to tap into this market. Williams, who as an accountant realised that she was not happy having a nine-to-five. Though she was good at her job, at the end of the day, she didn't have the fulfillment or satisfaction she needed and just decided it was time to stop punching numbers and getting paper cuts and it was time to be armed with glue guns and glitter.

While Williamson stepped out without fear, her business partner, Hamilton had quite a bit of reservations leaving a set salary for a new trend. Nevertheless, she stepped out in faith.

Having no training in art and craft, this duo has put many smiles on the faces of parents and the princesses and princes across the island. "Just tell us what you want, and we will get it done." Williamson confidently told the Flair. With the vast number of repeat customers and the rapid growth of their business, it is evident that Williamson's words are true.

Just how do they get this done? "We follow kids' party trends on social media," Hamilton shared. Williamson giggled when she admitted that most of the Instagram and Pinterest accounts they follow are in Spanish and they don't have a clue what they are saying, but once the word 'fiesta' comes up, they click the follow button.

After completing the first step, the next is to bring the creations to life. The team shops locally and so they admit that not all the material displayed on the social media platforms are readily available, so they spend some time trying to find substitutes that will give the same finish.

Kids Party Hub has a number of packages depending on what it is that the customer wants. With packages starting at $40,000, the creative pair will have your children plastering you with kisses and yours will, no doubt, be the party that children look forward to every year.

The services include:

- Decor (name-board backdrops standees and mascots)

- Outfits

- Cakes

- Loot bags

- Food

- Entertainment

The two are extremely happy with their business. In fact, they do not see it as work, as they get a great deal of joy from watching the reactions of their paying customers and, by extension, the smaller ones.

Having mastered this step, Williamson is hoping to take an even a bigger step. "I hope to create a safe entertainment space for kids where they can go and have real, clean fun."