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Witty young things

Published:Wednesday | May 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Tamara Wynter Burke
Tracey-Ann Lawrence
Randy Bowman
Georgia Lumley
Sushana Cole

 Children can be the cutest and sweetest things and more often than not will leave u stunned or amused at their wit. Here are a few parents sharing their story for child month.

The other day while trying to multitask, I took the liberty to ask my five year old, Jayla, to hand me my cell phone. She was caught up in a YouTube video that I know she could pause and return to as soon as she handed me the phone. To my surprise, she looked at me, looked at the phone then said, "Mommy, what would you do without me?"

When it comes to my one year old boy Liam, I have been drilling him to say mommy, mama, mom. And every time he comes to me or wants me he only says, "Dada!" I've given up.

Randy Bowman



Ayden: Mommy you know I think I love you more than daddy

Mommy: what makes you say that?

Ayden: because I get home early to stay with you and daddy stay long at work.

Ayden: mommy, when daddy is not here, I'm in charge.

Tamara Wynter-Burke



Mekhi: Mommy does snack make me healthy and strong

Me: No baby

Mekhi: Really? (While he eats his pringles) I need to stop eating snacks. I need top stop tomorrow.

Me So give me the Pringles.

Mekhi: It's not tomorrow yet mommy, I'll Stop tomorrow.

Georgia Lumley


He is always adventurous. This time I cannot even tell you what was running through his mind, I do not know if he just wanted to see what was on the dresser or if he was just being naughty. Taking my eyes off him for one minute resulted into him standing in the drawer and rummaging through like a tiny Indiana Jones.

Sushana Cole



One day he asked my mother her age and I told her not to tell him and she decided that she would anyway. When she did he said, "oh grandma, that's close to 100."

There was also the time when he was telling her something and she did not hear him clearly and asked him to repeat. With honest concern he asked, "Grandma are you deaf."

Tracey-Ann Lawrence