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Kelly's World | The soundtrack of my life - (The biography compilation)

Published:Thursday | May 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM


If you had to make a soundtrack of your life, what would the songs be like?

I don't remember who asked that question and of whom they asked it, but it got me thinking about what my answer would be.

I'm not saying I'm a music historian or anything like that, but I think I know a few tunes. My soundtrack would have a mix of old stuff, and there are a few more recent pieces I can throw in.

Like all people, in my formative years I listened keenly to Diana Ross when she asked "do you know where you going to?" Not sure if I've answered the question yet, to be honest.




I'm told the first song I really rocked to was Billy Joel's Uptown Girl. I'll take Mom's word for it.

In the same mode as Danish band Lukas Graham, I would remember that "once I was seven years old". Although the advice about finding friends or you'll be lonely didn't quite get through to me, I think I've done pretty well overall.

My teenage years coincided with the 'glory days' of dancehall (the '90s), and while I wasn't asking for the girls "wid di wickedest slam" (Beenie Man) I did want a "cellular phone, mek mi call Antoinette and Simone" (Bounty Killer).

Bob Marley was never far away and more than a few times people would ask who was beating me because I kept singing "whoiee, whoiee, whoiee" when singing Buffalo Solider.

By the time I got to university, the alternative genre (as older folks would ask, alternative to what?) was now fully in my head, even though my classmates had started on it long before me.

Guess like Alkaline says, everything "tek a likkle time". But university was great, and many a day by the arts kiosk was spent rocking to Linkin Park and Papa Roach.

And don't get me started on the rap game, when anything done by Puff Daddy or P. Diddy (or whatever the hell he's calling himself now) was a hit within a day two. Good times, I tell you.

As it relates to my love life, well, that particular part of the soundtrack might be a little on the blues side (and no, I don't mean porn).

More than a few times I've found myself delving into the Sam Cooke catalogue, asking 'Cupid' to draw back his bow and send one of his arrows flying.

I've felt the urge to attend a few Members Only parties ('cause those are for the "sad and lonely") and every now and then I channel Tom Jones and "I'm never gonna fall in love, a-a-a-a-gain."

There have been some rough times outside of the love arena, when like Creed I felt like I was six feet from the edge "and I'm thinking, maybe six feet, ain't so far down".

Still through it all, I believe like Frank Sinatra that life goes in Cycles ("so I'm down, so I'm out, but so are many others"). But we press on like the Bee Gees; I'm just Staying Alive.

Maybe when it's all said and done, I can say for sure that I did it My Way. Later.

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