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Making a Beard Statement

Published:Wednesday | May 24, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence


Going before the mirror daily, looking for that one hair to break the skin that says manhood - the beard. Some men walk around with a sparse amount as teenagers hoping for the face to fill out. Later, they decide their signature look - the goatee, a little stubble, a low beard, a full beard or maybe they shave it all off because just knowing you can grow one is enough.

When it comes to men and their beards, it is like an accessory but what a few men might not notice is that taking care of that facial mane might take a bit more maintenance than you would expect.


Long full face, Nicholas II Beard or any long facial hair


This will take a bit of grooming. When you have this kind of beard, you have to take into consideration the fact that food might be caught in it or that you will have to take more care of the hair itself. In some cases, it might feel like you are taking more care of your beard than the hair on your head.

However, it is necessary to think about it. While she might be running her hand through your hair or when she leans in for that kiss her hands might be nestled in that hair or her lips will brush against that stubble and trust me, she would not like to be tasting what you had for lunch or smelling it. She also does not want to be wondering what is it that she is really touching because of how matted it is.

Here are a few things you would need to consider and carry when you are taking care of your main mane:

- Always have a comb handy. You would need to brush through to keep those tangles out when you wash.

- Have a beard soup or a moisturising wash to cleanse this beard after you eat. You need to maintain cleanliness and you also want to keep it soft. Do not use an ordinary hand soap, you need something that will moisturise hair and skin. Cleanse every time you eat. You do not have to do the entire face.

- Dry properly. It is important that you dry the hair thoroughly. That can also carry an odour.

- Remember the skin, keep it soft. With a lot of beard, men forget the face underneath. But like your scalp, your face also needs some care. You cannot use a hair moisturiser on your face as that will cause pimples. So you have to use a non-greasy facial moisturiser. You can also go organic by lightly using coconut or argan oil. This will be great for the beard and you skin. (Please note - lightly). You can also get a beard balm that will be both gentle on the beard and skin.

- Routine clipping to get rid of the stray strands and a line-up around the hair is also recommended (just for the ladies that is).


Goatees, half-shaved and clean face


- When you have decided to keep it groomed or clean, there are other things that come with the territory or maintenance. You might not have to go through the lunchtime shampooing and drying.

- For those with a goatee and a half hair you should rinse (maybe not shampoo) after every meal and dry thoroughly to avoid residue in the hair.

- Be wary of ingrown hair. There is the possibility of ingrown hair and thus you would need to use an aftershave and trim regularly in order to avoid the beard from curling under into skin. If you want a natural after shave Witch Hazel is and Aloe Vera are great options.

- Skin care. You should moisturise the face anyway, preferably with something that contain SPF.