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Is St Ann the best parish?

Published:Thursday | June 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Latoya McKnight
Sharlene White
Lascell Parnell
Joann West
DeWayne McGregor
Dwight Russell
Tori McKenzie

The Streets of St Ann are filled with foreigners and 'yardies' who want to unwind and have a good time. The residents are warm and entertaining, which adds to the amazing beaches and resorts. The Flair team journeyed to the Garden Parish and had a chat with a few persons, seeking to find out what they thought about the place of eight rivers.

- St Ann is the best parish because of the tourist attractions. You can actually survive in the Ochi area. You can leave anywhere you are and come to Ochi to make a life once you have the ability and the ambition.

- DeWayne McGregor


- St Ann is a good parish. I was born in St James, lived in Kingston for while, then I moved to St Ann. One of the things I love about St Ann is that it is fast paced. St Ann is a whole different parish in all of Jamaica. That's why they call St Ann foreign because you have to get a visa to come here, and sometimes you get turned down. I think St Ann is in the middle - it is easy access to go to Montego Bay and to Kingston. Also, work is here in St Ann. The only thing is that the town of St Ann, Ochi, needs cleaning up. Tourists always flock here, the pier is not too far from the city. There's a theatre right there, Parkway Inn. This is the central location where we used to do theatre, back in the '90s. So get a spot - land is selling in St Ann, move to St Ann. St Ann is going to be foreign and we're going to run out of visa, and visa is giving away. Thank God I got mine and I ran off. I'm not leaving.

- Lascell Parnell


- St Ann is the best parish and Ocho Rios is the best town there is. It's the north coast, tourist Mecca, there are a lot of other people who live here, who were born here and who can do business here. But we have intruders coming into the parish from north, south, east and west that give a bad impression in the town. Otherwise from that, St Ann is the best parish. I've lived there all of my life and I'm very proud of that. Everyone respects me and I respect others who respect themselves and respect me.

- Dwight Russell


- I think St Ann is the greatest parish. Although I haven't experienced other parishes here in Jamaica, I've heard that St Ann is the best and so far it is the best. Only thing is the attitude of people towards other people, like Americans or other countries. Other than that, if they change their attitudes, then they'll be even greater. It's great here. Jamaica is great.

- Joann West


- St Ann is a nice area, it's a nice tourist attraction but I think they need to clean up all the 'mad' people off the road. And the abandoned buildings, they need to fix them up and get jobs for the young people.

- Tori McKenzie.

- I love St Ann because it is easy-going, no crime really. I don't have any problems with people - everybody is like family, everybody knows everybody. I, however, think Ocho Rios is getting a little overpopulated, seeing that everybody wants to be in Ocho Rios.

- Latoya McKnight


- The town is always kept clean. I must give it up to the mayor for always keeping the town clean.

- Sharlene White