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To Dad with love...

Published:Friday | June 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Bellamy and his junior.
Ian Bourne
Alando Terrelonge
Ibrahim Konteh
Ibrahim Konteh
Mark Gilzeane
Marcel Russell and Madelyn.
Dwayne Bailey
Johny and Marcus

We often hear about worthless and deadbeat dads, and those that are actually playing the role often go unnoticed. Flair pays tribute to a few fantastic fathers.


Andrew Bellamy


Andrew has definitely shown his love and dedication to his family by always carving time out for us amid his busy schedule. He's my dream husband and an amazing father. He would stop by for even 15 minutes between meetings to play a little with his son and namesake. Everything has become about Daddy lately, and their boys club to which Mommy is not allowed - their football games, road trips and bath times.

At eight months pregnant, I clearly encouraged them giving me alone time, but it warms my heart to know that my son admires and respects his dad so much. He even refers to random things in daddy terms - "tall like Daddy". I can't wait to see how the dynamics will change when Daddy's little girl comes into the picture and steals a piece of his heart. He will certainly be the perfect role model for both his children, as a man of God and a man who respects his wife and makes sacrifices for his family's well-being.

Happy Father's Day, my love.

-Corrinne Bellamy


Ian Bourne


To hear our daughter call you her king,

To see our son walk in your shoes,

To watch their excitement every day when you come home,

To know how hard you work to ensure our needs are met.

You bring us joy,

You bring us comfort,

You bring us love,

You were BOURNE for this!

Her King, His Hero, Our Love!

Happy Father's Day!

- Rebecca


Alando Terrelonge


I have always prayed for a man that could walk in the footsteps of my stepfather; a man of unquestionable character, patience, who loves beyond measure, is loyal and is dedicated to family. I found that man, and more, in my fiancÈ and father of my two wonderful boys.

His dedication to our family, hard work, constant encouragement and love is what holds us together and reminds us that valour is alive and well. Our sons' face light up any room once he enters it, and at the very sound of his voice. The passion in their eyes when they look at him tells me that they have found their hero and I have found in him the perfect father for my children. Thank you for your patience, your never-ending support and, most important your love.

Happy Father's Day, my love!

- Racquel


Ibrahim Konteh (IB)


It is never easy parenting while thousands of miles away, but Ibrahim is far from the average father. With FaceTime and Skype on his side, his bright smile isn't missed by Zion and Sierra. Like with anything in his life, IB found a way to make it work! Balancing his time between the two countries may not be easy for some, but the sacrifice I have witnessed is tremendous.

IB moved away from the comfort and support of his mom in Washington, DC, to Florida to be a cheaper plane ticket away from his kids. This is millennial parenting at its best! Other than the sacrifices he has made, I admire the instilling of the importance of their ancestry (although they are too young to notice now). Their names by themselves have such strong roots which derive from their Sierra Leone lineage. They were both blessed in true Sierra Leonian ceremonies as well as christenings.

IB's love for Zion and Sierra, I believe, is best expressed through his weakness for them. They have strengthened his character in so many ways. I see it when he tries to discipline Zion with such a soft undertone as if he really can't be too hard on him; and with Sierra, she literally melts his heart every time she smiles. They have been a blessing in his life and all of our lives. Watching him grow as a father has been an honour, and I look forward to helping him raise them. As my friend says, "It takes a village to raise a child". Happy Father's Day to an amazing friend who I am proud to call one of my closest friends.

- Gabrielle


Mark Gilzeane


Mark is the disciplinarian, who takes the responsibility of guiding his children in the best way seriously. Additionally, he is passionate about the things that are important to his children, while seeking to ensure that they have a holistic development by exposing them to new experiences and building their skills. In addition to their social skills, Mark is keen on helping his children to discover a relationship with God for themselves.

- Bernie


Marcel Russell


Marcel is a very involved dad, who participates in every aspect of Madelyn's life since she was born. He does everything from bathing her, feeding and changing, and has taught her even her first word, which was 'Daddy'. I admire him for how considerate he is of me as a mother, recognising that sometimes I will be very tired and he is always there to support me and ensuring Madelyn is OK.

- Kemoy


Dwayne Bailey


"My dad is the best. He is my confidant and is always giving me great advice to help me to navigate whatever challenge I may face."




As a father, #myJohny is patient and understanding and loads of fun. He makes his son a priority and his biggest concern. It is beautiful to see because he doesn't allow the distance (Marcus lives in Canada) to take anything away from his parenting.

He is still involved in what happens with Marcus and he makes sure that he knows everything that happens in his life from day to day. If Marcus scores three goals at a football game, he knows and he is congratulating him. If Marcus gets injured or tackled, they talk about how to avoid that next time. If he doesn't want to go to school or do homework, Jonathan makes sure that Marcus understands that school is important and learning is necessary.

The major thing that he is committed to is making sure that Marcus knows that he is loved. He ends every phone call with 'Daddy loves you'. That simple thing will instill so much confidence in his son. I respect him so much more because of the kind of father than he is.

- Gianna