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Fit for fantasy

Published:Friday | June 16, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Does your partner like it your way? Are you both all about trading places? Or maybe you would like to increase that euphoric voltage to 50 shades?

Whatever triggers your ecstasy, turn up the heat and treat your love to mind-blowing experiences he or she will never forget, all while working up a sweat.

For our fitness issue, we have decided to step it up a notch and actively include fitness into your fantasy. The 'sensual six' is not only guaranteed to keep you satisfied but will assist in burning those calories accumulated over time. I mean, who says sex can't be workout anyway?

From here onward, readers' discretion is advised.


When attention meets passion


This is a great way to get the after-party started. Already standing, the man can make the most of this position by having his lady love close in his embrace. Lapping up for extra effect, the lady can either stay put, a little awkward, or jump on the wagon to make that ultimate connection. This is definitely not for the weak of hands or of heart, as it can burn anywhere from 50 to over 60 calories per minute, working the bottom, legs, arms, and feet.


Down on bended knees


For those seeking comfort, this position might be for you. Being on even height has great advantages here, and this is a wonderful way to let your hair down and get intimate without realising you're burning over 50 calories per minute, in the thighs and glutes. P.S. Watch out for carpet burn.


Bridging the gap


Bring out the acrobat from within and test your flexibility. Men, with hands and legs on the floor, brace up to a crab-like position and invite you female counterpart to straddle herself in for the ride of a lifetime. Burning over 50 calories per minute, the woman works her legs, feet, and bottom, while the man works just about everywhere.


Under construction


We all know what a wheelbarrow looks like, right? Well, it's time to go under construction and let your male counterpart get to work. Working the bottom, legs, and arms, the men can either be kneeling or standing, and this is an amazing way to get to that good spot, right ladies? Added bonus: it burns over 60 calories per minute.


Shoulder wheelbarrow


You can choose to stay frontal of flip the script, ladies, and trade it for the back for a completely new experience. You work your bottom, abs, arms, back, legs, and core, and if executed correctly, they say you can burn over 70 calories per minute.


Lapping It


A very Jamaican-termed position which many are already aware of. If don't know, then educate yourself. I bet you didn't know that you work the legs, bottom, abs, and arm and that it burns over 60 per minute?

Now that you have read all that has been said, be sure to make those intimate plans and get physical in the love department responsibly.