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irie + ital brings a Super Natural day of Wellness to Jamaica

Published:Friday | June 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Free your feet sign at the door
Participants greet each other in the check-in area.
From left: Justine Henzell, Carleene Samuels, Yeradmi Gomes, Deika Morrison, Maryam Hasnaa, and Francheska Medina.

irie + ital, an initiative of Carleene Samuels, Deika Morrison, and Justine Henzell, creates conscious lifestyle events and projects in Jamaica that support social causes and contribute to the growing movement towards mindful living and culture. Last Sunday was a mind-blowing experience for those who participated in the event, one participant was happy to share with Flair.

A Day of Inspiration, the Kingston stop of the Super Natural Wellness Tour, was an experience like never before. The event was truly comforting in a way that encouraged everyone to share with no sense of judgement. There was a feeling of kinship among all the ladies who poured out their hearts and received nothing but love and support in return. The removal of shoes at the start of the session made the space feel free and open, while the smell of the essential oils in the air felt inviting and warm.

The introduction session, where each participant gave a bit of insight into what they struggled with and what they hoped to achieve, brought a deep meaning to the proceedings and created the feeling of a safe space. The continuous sharing of thoughts, emotions, and feelings bonded the participants in a deep and meaningful way. Moreover, there was a lot of positive energy as the hosts, Fran, Hasnaa, and Yeradmi ensured that everyone was not only focused but in tune with the overarching theme of nourishing the mind, body, and soul.




Yeradmi led the yin yoga session for 90 minutes, which saw the ladies doing partner yoga and a bit of restorative yoga. With a calm and gentle manner, she guided the ladies in a practice that was free and open to interpretation. The emphasis was centred on becoming aware of their bodies and being comfortable not only with themselves but with those around them. Lunch was light and healthy, which underscored the importance of purposeful eating and healthy living.

Hasnaa's circle-time session started with each person writing down some of the struggles or primary blocks in their lives that prevented them from living a full and happy life. The circle was then separated into small groups, which encouraged further sharing. It was surprising yet refreshing to realise that no matter the race, class, or age, there were common struggles faced by all. Sharing those struggles helped to cement the bond and open up the channels of communication.

Hasnaa's session was centred on scent as a vital means of creating lasting change in one's life. Utilising scents for reprogramming was a novel idea that she emphasised could be a part of one's everyday practice. Hasnaa also emphasised using scents with children as a means of connection and healing.

The last activity saw participants sharing their views on the day and their take-away lessons. This was an emotional session with participants sharing what mattered to them the most throughout the day and how it affected them. There were also thanks to the main presenters and the irie + ital team for making the day possible. All that was necessary to enjoy the day was a mat, a journal, and an open heart.