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'Only Good Vibes' and Sexy Bikinis - KimJay Swimwear

Published:Thursday | July 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
These three beauties in ‘Imani’ scream summer sexy and summer ready! Imani is a reversible bikini that accentuates your curves and leave you feeling confident and daring.
Designed to lengthen your torso and amplify your curves, ‘Zara’ is perfect for a chill day at the beach or the next beach party. The mesh in this swimsuit definitely adds a fun twist to the piece.
‘Only Good Vibes’ crop-top can be either long or short sleeve, and screams sexy when you rock it over your swimsuit or with a nice pair of shorts.
Kim Goodall exudes confidence in this stylish one-piece bikini – ‘Jasmine’.
‘Skyy’ bikini is radiating and adds a little ’90s spunk with high cuts and high-rise styles.
This ‘Nina’ one-piece is pretty simple but adorable and comfortable.

At 22 years old, medical student and designer Kim Goodall has her goals in check and is determined to accomplish them by any means necessary. Working effortlessly to ensure success and become an adequate backbone for her family, Kim balances the life of a designer, aspiring surgeon, entrepreneur and the new face of Campari.

Growing up, the vigorous young woman jumped at every opportunity to be near designers and the fashion world. She started fashion design at the

Baltimore School of the Arts at eight years old, modelled with John Robert Powers at 12 and Pulse at 16.

"I moved around a lot as a kid, and no matter where I went, it was the only constant thing, it was home for me, my safe place. Anything I could do to get close to fashion, I did it," she told Flair.

By the time Kim had got to high school, her passion for fashion and dream of being a designer came to the fore. She introduced designing to her school by initiating a designer club, where she would teach aspiring models how to walk in preparation for the fashion shows they hosted with her designs - KimJay. However, in 2016, Kim's love for swimwear and the beach inspired her to start a swimwear brand - KimJay Swim.

"I love being in and around the beach, rivers, pools, and I really wanted to incorporate the brand that I love in the things I like to do so as to optimise on how much I enjoy them. Being at my favourite place in something I created is an amazing feeling, even greater when I see others in it, my own personal utopia," she expressed with a flashing smile.

Preparing to sizzle this summer and create bold, beautiful women, KimJay Swimwear is ready to give you diverse, sexy bikinis that are suitable for a chill day at the beach or upcoming beach parties.

Say hello to the 'Only Good Vibes' collection that promotes a lifestyle of peace, positivity and fun!

KimJay Swimwear

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Only Good Vibes launch: July 15, 2017




Photographer: Shorn Hector

Models: Kim Goodall, Ariana Kumst and Diamond Sharpe


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