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Happy maids?

Published:Thursday | July 13, 2017 | 5:17 PM
Contributed Photo Wedding Bridesmaid

Even more magical than simply being invited to a wedding is being an important part of the special occasion. Weddings are an amazing and unforgettable experience, so just imagine being in a beautiful dress standing by the bride.

It is hard to deny the pleasures of getting to stand by your friend's side on the biggest day of her life, but while the feeling of honour overwhelms you, there are a few downsides that can also be a bit overwhelming.

To explore the best and worst part of being a bridesmaids, Flair got a few honorary beauties to share their experiences. Take a look!

Kimberly Morrison:


1. Supporting the bride, assisting her with getting her dress and ensuring that her day was memorable.

2. The joy you receive from being part of the bridal party and celebrating the moment with the bride and the groom.

3. The opportunity to get dolled up and have pictures taken by a professional photographer.

4. The bachelorette party, one last time to show the bride a good time before she becomes the Mrs.


1. Wedding rehearsals tend to be draining especially when it's difficult to decide on which song the bridal party will march to.

2. Purchasing a bridesmaids dress that you will never wear again.

3. Having to get along with other bridesmaids so that the bride is happy.

4. Every decision is made with the bride in mind and her decision is final.

Chrissie-Ann Dennis


1. Being able to play a major role in someone's big day that they'll remember for the rest of their life.

2. Seeing the bride in her dress before everyone else.

3. Getting cute bridesmaids robes

4. Planning surprises for the wedding day.

5. Getting the first serving of food.

6. Basically getting a front row view from planning to the big day.


Finding money to pay for hotel, hair, dress and nails.

Kimone Grant


1. The feeling of supporting a girlfriend is awesome, especially when that girlfriend is like a sister to you.

2. I don't have to stress over what to wear.

3. Spending the day on the arm of a handsome man who tries his best to impress you.


1. See my friend teary or even cry before her wedding because of last-minute happenings or stresses.

2. It is expensive being a bridesmaid buying the new shoes, paying for a dress you will never wear again, paying for my hairstyle, nails, make-up and list goes on.

3. Trying to determine the right gift to get the newlyweds.

Afiya Henry


1. I was honoured to be asked by my sister to be a bridesmaid.

2. Feeling like VIP and sitting at the head table

3. Being glammed all day

4. Being active in the planning process and carrying out tasks for the wedding.

Downside- Seeing things I could have easily addressed if I was not in the bridal party.