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Fashion overload with Dexter '3D' Pottinger

Published:Thursday | August 24, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberley Goodall
There is nothing cooler than a pair of shorts with a sheer button-front shirt from collection ‘Free’, and sandals.
‘Boy Got Back’ from collection ‘Free’ is mysterious and edgy.
Dexter Pottinger Designs
The heat radiating from this ‘Free’ resort pants is sizzling. Perfect for the summer, easy and light!
What is a sexy, grey vest suit without a sleeveless jacket?
Dexter Pottinger is all about fashion, style and its complexities.
Who said men can't wear jumpsuits? A major piece from his 'Free' collection.
Styling the ‘3D’ way.
Masculine chic with male purse. White on white and a splash of colour to turn heads and heels.
Dexter Pottinger is all about fashion, style and its complexities.

Dexter '3D' Pottinger is known in the fashion industry for his creative eye, gifted mind and sensuous designs. He is no stranger to the world of art and its magical effect on style and fashion. His designs, which often reflect his twist on current trends and inspirations from different culture, propel its onlookers to indulge and add one of his stylish pieces to their wardrobe.

From urban-street chic to classy and edgy, Pottinger's designs push fashion boundaries and explore a wide variety of patterns, print and colours. There are no limits to his fashion inspirations, as with his love for travel, he gets to experience and see the different genres so as to conceptualise his next collection and designs.

"Once I'm travelling, I'm coming up with something big and crazy. Some people use the Internet to find inspiration, but for me, I have to see it for myself. I have to see the fabric and pull elements from the culture to put into a piece and bring it to life," he said.

With an upcoming collection titled 'Free', Pottinger is committed to producing awe-inspiring designs that are trendy, edgy and scream sexy and masculinity.

"Jumpsuits and rompers for men is youth. The trick about a jumpsuit is how it fits. My collection will fit men without them feeling like they're wearing a female romper. It will have style, but still have class and masculinity with a

little bit of street-edge," Pottinger told Flair.

Being a designer, stylist, hairstylist and make-up artist, Pottinger is not only able to create pieces for a specific body type and style, but transform a person's simple onlook to a masterpiece with definition and spunk.

Pottinger enjoys designing and styling both males and females.

"I'm a creative individual, so when I get to work with different clients, I get to experiment. I like to create and mix-and-match, and give the body life in terms of fashion and style. At different periods of time, I like to work with different things and different sexes," he said.

Pottinger often goes by the mantra, "What may be crazy to you might be inspiration to someone else". People have described his style as too much, and there were times when his designs were not accepted, but he shares that he has lived to see those same styles come to life.

"It's art, and some people will never get art until it's physically in front of them, until it becomes mass-produced," he said.

There is no doubt that a '3D' slay will always have you on top of the game.


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