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Is he hiding you?

Published:Thursday | August 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Social media has caused many to live more openly, and it can be debated just how much is too much. As it pertains to relationships, there are some that share every kiss, every hug, and some men that share nothing at all. Some people believe that they might have something to hide, but are they hiding or are they trying to just keep part of their lives away from public scrutiny?

We asked a few women what were their opinions as it relates to men posting their women on social media. Is he hiding you?

- It varies, it could mean that the relationship is not as serious as you think, or it could be he is just not that into social media and posting his friends. But if he changes his picture often and is into social media, then he is hiding you.

- Anna-Kaye Bell


- Not necessarily. I have this mantra, "Not because you do not see a picture does not mean that someone isn't in the picture". One sure way to entertain unnecessary problems is by calling unnecessary attention to your relationship. However, if we are married, that is a different kettle of fish, totally.

- Sheena-Kay McFarlane


- Nope. I appreciate my private life to be private. What is important is that he is nurturing our relationship. If he, however, insists on not having a photo of us being randomly shared, then that's a red flag of double life - 2.0. But to constantly see the need to be in a relationship with the rest of the world and him is way too stressful and a no-no.

- Lori-Ann Lindo


- It depends on the man. Some are not into posting their personal relationship, photographs on social media. There are some that are into it, and if they are not posting you, then there is the possibility he is hiding you.

- Nicola Dumont


- While social media has allowed the freedom to share almost every and anything, a man's decision to share that part of his life on that platform doesn't mean that he is hiding his partner or is not proud of the relationship. Genuinely, if he is a private person, he just does not want to open his private life to that kind of public opinion and scrutiny.

- Yulando Lee


- If we are in a serious relationship and I am the only one posting, I would say yes, he is hiding.

- Ashliean Watson


- Depends on the relationship. If he isn't that kind of person or if I am not doing it either, I would understand, otherwise, I think he is hiding.

- Jessica Barrett


- If we are married, at least one picture. If we have been together for some time and we are in a serious relationship, I believe that my picture should be on his page.

- Cerene Davis