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Let's chill at Island Vape and Vibes

Published:Thursday | August 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM

In a cosy spot tucked away in Mall Plaza is a haven for those who might want to get off the cigarette wagon.

Allisa Morrison started to vape after her children had expressed concerns about her smoking habit of more than 20 years.

"They asked me to try this healthier alternative," Morrison told Flair. Since then, she has not turned back and has been tobacco free for two years.

This alternative gives her the same thrill as a cigarette. The same inhale and exhale fixation is achieved as you pull in and let out the vape in the same manner. However, the vape includes a tank and a rechargeable battery compartment. You place the e-juice in the tank, ensure battery is charged and the pieces are screwed tightly. You press the vaporiser or puff button while you inhale through the mouth and then exhale. The taste is determined by the e-juice.

After the lifestyle change, she started to research and learn more about this alternative. Her findings led her to discuss the business venture with her husband, Vic, who was very supportive.

The couple from Texas fell in love with Jamaica after coming here seven years ago on business, as they thought that this would be a great place to start. The Jamaican market was virtually untouched as it pertained to vaping. And after moving here for a little over a year on August 16, 2017, Morrison finally opened Island Vape and Vibes. Bringing a holistic, healthy alternative to Jamaicans to stay true to the path that Morrison is now on.

Her store manager is Jamaican Kassandra Dayes, and she points out that she will be employing Jamaicans as she wants her business to benefit from the local economy. Her decor also exhibits an island vibe to stay true to the name, and features some driftwood artwork from local artists.

Island Vape and Vibes offers a wide variety of tanks and e-juices.

"It depends on the amount of cloud you want. Each item can be individualised based on the person and what they want from it. You can coordinate it with your outfit, there is something here for everyone," Morrison told Flair. "My tank is bigger because I love a big cloud and the extra flavour," she added while showing us her personalised tank.

They carry three flavours - Kind Juice, Naked Fish and Mellow Buddha. Morrison states that she trusts the flavours because they do not have any harmful or addictive chemicals. The e-juices are made from vegetable glycerin and flavoured with extracts from fruit and botanicals. The flavours can be fruity like Morrison's favourite - Teacher's Pet - which is a mixture of the crisp flavour of green apples, the sweet of caramel. If you want more of a strong punch, you can inhale Karma, which is a coffee-flavoured e-juice.

Although the store has been opened for just a few weeks, there are plans to expand and carry other products in the near future, such as essential oils, not for vaping purposes as these are not oils that can be used in vapes, but rather for medicinal purposes.

She wants Island Vape and Vibes to affirm William Shakespeare's quote, "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."