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DIY Jo: Fail!

Published:Thursday | November 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
My successful facial scrub.

So I have been doing this DIY Jo thing for some time and after formulating a few products, I then decided to change up my mixtures on a few things just for variety and I have found that you win some, you lose some.

My scalp inflammation led me to a win with my new and improved scalp treatment as I wrote in my last feature. I started to feel myself a bit and was starting a new love affair with lemongrass. I felt like I was cheating on lavender a bit, but I saw how well lemongrass worked with different products.

Then I decided time to make a new salt scrub. I had found rosehip oil which is one of the few carrier oils with vitamin C. Having done my research and seeing that vitamin C is not only good for your immune system but also for your skin, I jumped at the idea of using this as the carrier oil in my scrub instead of argan oil. Then I said to myself, "why not just redo all the ingredients?" This was except for the exfoliant, of course, the himalaya pink salt.

Instead of witch hazel that I use now and again, I added rose water. I have started to love rose water as a toner as well. This is not the artificially flavoured rose water that we get in the supermarket, I mean the real deal that you get at Earth Elements. I used lemongrass instead of lavender and a few drops of lemon essential oil that I had left.




I thought I had got the mixture right. After all the next day, I used it and it seemed to work. The day after that it started to feel like it was leaving a film and I wondered if I used too much oil. I added a bit more salt and rose water. A couple of days later, it started to feel sticky, like a paste. Soon enough, I could barely get it out of the glass container. It turned into a gummy mess. I wish I could tell you what happened but I honestly cannot. It was just a disaster.

I had to pick the excess out of the container and soak the container with warm water twice before I could even wash it out properly. It was a miserable failure. I could not help but hearing my pessimistic self saying, "stick to the evil you know." While my positive side is telling me to try it over.

So I am sourcing some pink salt because I am out and, for some reason, cannot find it. But I am going to get you a lemongrass scrub for all the lovers out there. But until then, I will keep mixing and experimenting.

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